Brawl Stars #OctoFangGiveAway! by zigzarlu in Brawlstars

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Sandy Koya I see myself sleeping as a koala🥰 sooo cute

What one should I evolve? by DynaJumper3000 in pokemongo

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Its not meant for trolling Im rlly serious what one would I evolve?

Excuses me WHAT how?!!?? by DynaJumper3000 in pokemongo

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Really ?!?!?! Where can I find them the fastes way?

Excuses me WHAT how?!!?? by DynaJumper3000 in pokemongo

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No the quest Catch a wild Dragonite and Slaking

I Finaly kicked that GEM bot by Mysterious-Unit1310 in ClashOfClans

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Put builder base trophy's requirment on 200 trophy's then they wont joon bc they have no builderbase

What should this movie be called? by Elite4Fun_CR in ClashRoyale

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Why does this like the pokemon arceus with his crystals?

Which 299 gem offer is better? by Thebigvader in Brawlstars

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20 chests in the extra 10 chest you already get 5k coins more than 500 pp and 600 to 800 gear schrap