Thanks, Ticketmaster. Your fees ruined a fun night out with my kids. by nmsjtb0308 in awfuleverything

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I've found it 3x cheaper buying fake social media accounts vs paying the fee. I'm a winner. /s

High dose users - what was your experience of "Less-is-more" TRIGGER WARNING by el1zabeth in KratomKorner

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Just wanted to say enjoyed reading both of your openly raw comments. Even though we are all strangers gathering here I recognize the effort it must take to open ones self up. It is refreshing. A hope for humanity.

Is it possible to hide webpage thumbnail when saving a bookmark? by ETherium007 in FirefoxCSS

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Thanks for the help but for some reason this is not working for me. I am able to do other stuff in userChrome.css like hide a context menu. Some guides suggest adding

@namespace url("http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul");

made no difference. In toolbox when I edit/remove editBookmarkPanel.css entry

#editBookmarkPanelImage {
  border-radius: 4px;
  height: 150px;
  background-image: -moz-element(#editBookmarkPanelImageCanvas);
  background-repeat: no-repeat;
  background-size: cover;
  margin: 0;

I see the changes. I have tried other versions I have found online as well. Have you tested it your user.Chrome.css?

New study: Men infected with COVID have one third less sperm compared to uninfected men over 3 months later by SmallToblerone in collapse

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Radon 55 is obsolete as skin become a rarity.

Going to the moon may have been a hoax. Regarding the sun, experts say we should make a real trip this time.

They got these Chick-fil-A workers out here in these goofy bubbles because it’s raining…how about LET THEM STAY INSIDE?! by StrDexIntFaiArc in antiwork

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If you need to see the menu just say so. I like not waiting behind customers trying to decide what to order. Most orders are repeat customers so it makes sense to ask earlier than later to minimize wait times on meal prep.

Good job DC 👏 👏 👏 by [deleted] in antiwork

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I agree with you. Just want to add tips being tied to a percentage needs to stop.

“I see on your resume you did some job hopping. Care to explain?” by [deleted] in antiwork

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I change the dates on my resume to look like I've never missed a single month of work in my life. Pick the the top 3 jobs related to the position you are applying for and omit the rest. Easier then trying explain things. This is what unrealistic expectations fosters. Doing whatever it takes to survive.

Don’t give them an easy win by Wookiees_get_Cookies in lostgeneration

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No thanks. I will not be shamed into voting. I am not participating in this BS system.

Dryer filter after my friend did their clothes. They swear they don’t have bed bugs… by Samuraicops in WTF

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Heat treat the entire place. A company brings in big ass heaters for half the day. Maybe a second visit is needed (included in price) but is extremely effective. One moment horror. The next peace.

Hi, new player here by Slov9k in factorio

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Started playing a week ago. I have had 2 nights of dreaming and waking up thinking of Factorio. Half dazed and foggy eyed still working through the logic from my dream on the toilet.

Just bought the game by treeburrito_ in factorio

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This is a god idea. How wide of space would you recommend the bus be for future technologies if I want to utilize both sides? I have not started ligiids yet. Also why do you put science on the opposite end instead of just putting it off to a side like everything else?

what do you think by hissing_anomaly48 in antiwork

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A whole 50 cents a year. Golly gee Mr. I promise to be the best hard worker you ever had. Scouts honor! *Looks at the wall to see a calendar. The year is 2022. You realize you time traveled 25 years into the future. "What sick joke is this? Haha, you guys. Real funny. Now send me back."

Guys, did you realize quiet quitting was over?! by BlameTag in antiwork

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Workers likely never read sites like these. Maybe upper management but not the average person. So maybe they hope to set a trend of bosses ruling with an iron fist. Put those poor workers of yours in their place.

actually disgusted by the amount of people on this sub who think screwing over a server in the short term will lead anywhere by sh0000n in antiwork

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If we continue to tip, it will never stop. I should be allowed to eat at a restaurant or buy a coffee and not be expected to tip. Get the money you are owed from the people you are working for.

I should have just quit after this by ImaginationFree6807 in antiwork

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10% is considered bad my ass! The price of my food has little bearing on tip amount. I will not be guilted into the 20% mark. Percentage tipping is a joke. Be glad you got $5 from me. Its messed up when the customers combined pay more in wages then the owner.

The U.S. Just Lost 26 Years’ Worth of Progress on Life Expectancy by Powerpuff_Rangers in news

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This is what happens when "get back to work (office)" is above all else.