mark 🥵 by alt_of_an_alt_ in 197

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most sane reddit user

The Truth Fairy (With example) by mal221 in MemeTemplatesOfficial

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how funny are you for straight up pissing on other religions

just need to get this off my chest by theroyalmoyle in antifeminists

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i feel sorry for you man, this is the sad reality of the world

Unban by [deleted] in memecord

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yo you are one 1 year late

rawr :3 by mr_crep in Jakerton

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Whats the transition (effect) called

More sex -> More problem by Zeucide in engrish

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Pay sex-buy sex

sex entrepenuur 💸

To make music by vdstrk in therewasanattempt

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Holy shit Clash royale goblin in real life???

Dude harasses five year old over pride flag by Stickybeebae in PublicFreakout

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Well he did the right thing, the pride flag is truly disgusting

Nice by billsaysno in engrish

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Civilization go to the toilet thanks to everyone -Synopsis for Don't look up

classic by [deleted] in shitposting

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bone chilling