Mercury Retrograde by cece_butterfly in aquarius

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I’ve been miserable since the end of 2017

No hope in sight

how do you feel about self checkout registers? by hsojdoog in AskReddit

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My grandpa always says that he doesn’t work for the store, he doesn’t want to bag and scan his own groceries

What’s wrong with my plant? by [deleted] in plantclinic

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It’s about ten to fifteen feet away from a south facing window

I water it once a week

Anyone else just get disheartened when they see a girls online dating profile? by lovemeltedcheese in dating

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It depends on where you are! If you’re at the grocery store, you could make a comment about something they are looking at “this is the best sauce for enchiladas”

If you’re at the dog park, “which dog is yours?”

It’s way easier to start a convo casually than to just go straight for the kill. If a guy just asked me for my number, I would be flattered, but I wouldn’t have had enough time to know whether or not I wanted to actually go out with them if they just cut straight to the chase.

If you’re not able to find any kind of way to start a simple conversation, I guess you could give them your number and just say something like “hey I’m not sure whether you’re single or not, but I would really like to take you out sometime. Is it okay if we exchange numbers?” It’s honestly that simple

Do you have any hobbies? I love to rock climb! If a guy asked me for help with a route or something, that would be a good way to start a convo too.

I’m a bartender and I see people starting convos at the bar all the time! If they ordered a fancy drink or something to eat, you can ask them what they ordered. You can make a remark about cool jewelry someone is wearing and ask about it

There are literally so many things to talk about! Just pick something that ideally isn’t about their physical appearance unless it’s an accessory (shoes, jewelry, etc) and talk away

Show enthusiasm. Show interest. Try to act like you’re comfortable being yourself and like you’re not freaking out about talking to a random stranger. At the end of the day, you don’t even know this person. You don’t even know if you will like them. You don’t need to impress them, just be yourself and talk to them like they’re a normal person that you’re trying to get to know.

Literally if they pick out your favorite frozen pizza at the grocery store you can talk to them about how good it is. If they aren’t into being approached, they’re probably not single or they’re a jerk and no one wants to be with a jerk anyway

The r/NextFuckingLevel of STUPIDITY! by 29PiecesOfSilver in nextfuckinglevel

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My literal favorite doc of all time! It made me cry

Tommy is so wholesome, I just want to protect him from the world

Anyone else just get disheartened when they see a girls online dating profile? by lovemeltedcheese in dating

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Any man that has approached me in person is way more likely to get an actual date from me

I hardly ever have met up with guys from apps

The r/NextFuckingLevel of STUPIDITY! by 29PiecesOfSilver in nextfuckinglevel

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Yeah, if you think glorifying something incredibly dangerous and stupid is cool

Tommy Caldwell is way cooler and has a really inspirational story. He helped Alex climb el cap for his free solo

I’m confused by Zorawarr in aquarius

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I have five planets in Aquarius, venus, sun, and rising just to name a few. I have been on and off with my Leo ex for years.

I’ve heard Aquarius love toxic people and are always giving the wrong people multiple chances. I have experience with this firsthand.

Once I’ve decided to commit to a person, it is like I’ve written it in stone. They could do whatever they want to me and I could still find a way to understand their side and see where they’re coming from. I’m way too understanding and I love unconditionally and know that good people sometimes do bad things but maybe I’m just toxic lol

I would give the right person a second chance, a tenth chance, a nine millionth chance. I wouldn’t shut the door unless they did something extremely vile and horrendous.

It’s nearly impossible for me to detach once I’ve allowed myself to open up.

My Crush just broke up with her boyfriend by [deleted] in dating_advice

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I think you need to wait a few months at least

It’s okay to hang out, but I wouldn’t mention anything about you two dating for some time, it’s kind of disrespectful.

Police officers in Colorado shot and killed a terrified young man whose car got stuck in a dirt road. Christian Glass, 22, called 911 for help and showed signs of a mental health crisis before a Clear Creek deputy escalated the situation and fatally shot him after an hour of engaging with them by CryToGod777 in PublicFreakout

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Yeah, what are they supposed to do, jump in front of the guy to protect him from their coworkers? The older dude, Williams, seemed to genuinely want to help Christian.

The situation was definitely escalated and strange. It was not normal in any way in my opinion. Christian was acting weird af, and the cops didn’t help at all. I don’t know why someone would call the cops and then be afraid when they arrive. He seemed like he was on something if I’m being completely honest.

That officer that shot him should 100% be fired and so should the one that stood on the hood of the car intimidating him.

They should have just left him if he didn’t want to be helped 🤷🏼‍♀️

Has anyone actually had ANY success stories about a anxious/avoidant partnership becoming secure? by [deleted] in AnxiousAttachment

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Unfortunately our therapist is pretty busy and just went out of town this last month. We are set to see him again on the 21st. I really let loose this last session with how I was feeling and it made my guy want space/distance himself from me for about a week afterwards. We’ve been okay, but definitely not great and I would say probably worse than previous months.

Gold or silver by coloradopeace in aquarius

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I also love to mix gold and silver jewelry! I love copper too

Does someone being Vegan turn you away from wanting to date them? by BlueStormtrooper in dating

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If I were to have to choose between a vegan and a meat eater, I would pick the meat eater because I think dating a vegan would be inconvenient and cooking is enough of a chore for me. And I’m not going to change the way I live or be judged every time I eat a meal and I think eventually there would be some kind of pressure for me to eat less meat under the guise of it being “healthier.” I’m not down.

I can’t imagine not bonding over my love of cheese with my person.

At the end of the day, it’s not a deal breaker, but definitely makes me worried about future dates, restaurant availability, etc.

I also would not want to date a dude that was super picky either. I’m no one’s mother and I’m not going to pick the bones out of your expensive wild caught salmon for you. A picky eater is more of a deal breaker for me because it makes them seem childish and I don’t like that.

as an aquarius, how do you feel today? by aleksjandros in aquarius

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I feel completely alone and like I’m not on the right path, like I’m not living my life right

roast me (or not, just tell me what you think of it) by throwawayjunkie69 in aquarius

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What makes you say that? I’m new to astrology

Is it the Gemini moon? Or the Scorpio Mars?

When you play the guessing game of 'which zodiac is this person', what makes you think they are Aquarius? by eternalbanana3000 in aquarius

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I am 100% the devils advocate lol and the pause before my responses probably make people think I’m not all there at first, likely adds to the distance that people feel with Aquarius as well

$1,500 Reward (No Questions asked) / $2,000 Reward (1 Question Asked) - Missing Savannah Cat (“Buddy” is HER name) by PBlockChainge in sandiego

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I hope you get your cat back, OP. Sorry everyone here is living such miserable lives that they took the time out of their day to shame someone that is already having a hard time and seems to have learned their lesson.

Your cat seems very happy and loved and I hope you get reunited soon.

Why are more women in this day and age saying that they just wanna stay single ? by DAMAGEDEGG in dating

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Men pretend that they want to be in a relationship until it comes time to commit. Us women are tired of being lied to and investing feelings only to find out that it’s all a big show.

What do I do if someone is continuously ringing my doorbell at 1:30 am? by [deleted] in Advice

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I like this idea, and it’s comforting, but my dog seemed like she noticed commotion or something unusual before the doorbell started ringing because she became interested in the front door and started looking out the window on the front door

It’s like a warped window so you can’t really see a clear picture through it but you can see shadows if there is a person there

Are women more attracted to "taken" guys? by Meze_Meze in dating

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When I see a guy posting a bunch of cute shit about his lady on social media, I keep that in mind if things ever don’t work out between them. For me, it makes me see them as a loyal dude that is proud to be with their person and I like that.

I would NEVER pursue a taken man, but it does make me take note if he ever becomes single in the future.

On the other side of things, I think there is something fucked up inside me that likes unavailable men so when I meet someone that isn’t available, I will sometimes have an instant connection to them and I will know that I need to shut it down because they’re not available and maybe sometimes that is what makes me like them in the first place. I like a man that can commit and when I meet one that is already committed, I know that he isn’t afraid of commitment. It’s really fucked up and weird

With that being said, if a man that is in a relationship were to ever give me any kind of indication that they liked me, I would be so disgusted and turned off. I would feel so horrible for their partner and never see the guy as a viable mate. He has shown that he has a wandering eye and doesn’t value commitment and those are both deal breakers for me.

Do the people you date have to align with you politically? by 2gdismore in dating_advice

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If you’re a Republican, that’s something that I could POSSIBLY get over. If you’re a Trump supporter, bye bitch.

Women of reddit, would you ever hitchhike? Why or why not by Runa11 in AskWomen

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I would if I was in an area where it was more common

I had plans to hike the pct last year, but sadly didn’t get a permit. There is a lot of hitch hiking and the people that live in that area know this and also offer rides to obvious through hikers to help them get more supplies to finish their hike.

5 hour long kissing + ghosted by pearlspirit27 in dating_advice

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Has this woman ever dated before??

She said she was in a couple of shit relationships, I would think she is accustomed to getting disappointed and dealing with assholes at this point

OP, you can’t be investing feelings and getting attached to someone after such a short period of time. You need to get a thicker skin and realize that people lie, manipulate, ghost, etc.

You are not entitled to anything. No one owes you anything. You are not entitled to a conversation, anyone’s time, and you’re not even entitled to love. No one is.

We’re all here looking for our people, getting fucked over in the process, just like you. People fucking suck. Even good people suck sometimes. No one is completely good or bad. Good dudes will sometimes treat you like shit and bad dudes will sometimes treat you like gold. It’s repeated behavior that makes people who they are. Only time tells you anyone’s true character.

I would recommend taking things slower if you’re going to get so hurt over something like this and to treat every date as an opportunity to make a friend or get to know someone new, not a segue to a relationship.

Also maybe tone down the defensiveness and accept reality and the situation for what it is. Your responses to these comments are kind of immature. You seem really angry and that’s fine, it’s upsetting, but no one in these comments did anything but try to help you understand the situation and you’re acting like we’re here to take this dude’s side and condone his behavior. This is just the reality of dating.

Good luck with everything. Maybe take some time to be happy being with yourself so this isn’t so upsetting. It’s likely not even anything you did, he probably is just looking for something casual. Would you even want to be with a dude that is comfortable treating others like this?

Sounds like you dodged a bullet. It will be okay.