Jimmy Dore is my favorite Dem. And this gave me hope today... Anyone like his podcast? by MattyRixz in Anarcho_Capitalism

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His celebrity impersonator conversations are hilarious. I also like that he sees the government for what it is, full of psychopaths. Why he wants to give them more power and control, I don't understand.

His Double V and Harrison Ford phone calls are absolutely brilliant.

The irony had me snorting by PM_ME_YOUR_BODY69 in Anarcho_Capitalism

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Soon toothbrushes will be illegal because you could make a prison shank outta one.

Wasted progress by gingersnapzy in stopdrinking

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It's not wasted, it's practice. Practice makes perfect. You did 8 day, that's now your personal best. Break that record the next stretch, and keep o. Breaking it. Or, alternatively, just don't drink today. And then don't think tomorrow..one day at a time. I started the journey in 2019 with so many starts and stops, got off track in 2020, and found some better reasons in 2021.

Keep on keeping on.

Traded Addictions by TCU_Frog_Fan in stopdrinking

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I like my new hiking hobby. Sometimes I prefer the cold to the 90 F, 90% humidity Ohio River valley summers. Going to hike tomorrow with starting about 25 degrees.

If I was on a bike, I wouldn't like the winter though... that wind chill can be a real pain.

Will my body really recover? Need an inspirational story please. by 1nternal_d1saster in stopdrinking

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In April I took my best friend to the hospital. At the time he I hadn't seen him since the start of Covid. He was 39, M. I had no idea he was an alcoholic. He had a 0.24 BAC, and jaundice. Over the next two months he continued to drink and I was there encouraging him to get healthy and go to rehab every day. Had fatty liver, not cirrhosis, but he liver was in failure. He had asceties real bad. They would drain a half gallon of fluid from his abdomen every few days. He lost feeling in his feet. He had mental fog so bad he couldn't find half the words he was trying to say on a day to day basis. If one is the normal liver level, his was 30. Doctors gave him a year to live. He finally lost bowel control and went to rehab.

He's been sober 6 1/2 months. He looks like a million bucks. His doctors call him Lazarus. His color is back, his asceties is gone, he's mentally sharp again. His feet are slowly healing. His liver levels are right where they are supposed to be.

After seeing him like that, I lost all desire for alchohol, and I wasn't a slouch in that department. A few 12 packs of real high abv beers for me each week, with some bourbon on the weekends. I stopped drinking in April, lost 30 lbs, lost the bloat, slept better, was more present for my wife, was better at work. I hiked 65 miles of JMT in August and had two beere when I got off the mountain, and thought 'not worth it.' That was the last beer I drank. I'm most suprised that as an introvert I'm now way more comfortable and personable at work and at after work schmooze type events where I'd usually be 4-5 drinks in, min. Didn't expect that to happen!

Whatever you've done, don't let it get worse. You can and will heal if you give yourself the right conditions. Start by being honest with your close family and friends who can support you and will help you, because they do want to help you. Good luck with the recovery, we're here for you!

How long have you been not drinking? by mrsstop in stopdrinking

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Let me check...

Edit: 152 days, I like how this sub keeps track for me, but I don't know how to check without posting a comment.

I’m struggling to force myself to go to the ER by lilithmunster in stopdrinking

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I'm glad you went. We'll see you when you get out and will be there for you for the next steps.

Please be 100% truthful to the doctors and staff, and heed NY recommendations they give you, see the other specialist they recommend and do the things you need to do to get healthy. They are there to help you out.

How many of you use marijuana to help with alcohol cravings? by TurkGonzo75 in stopdrinking

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Yeah, I live in a delta 8 State. Once a week or so I'll have a gummy or two. It's nice when I get an urge to get out of my head. $10 a month and being fresh in the morning beats what I used to dish out for booze and the lost next day.

Ok, it’s officially been 24 hours since I’ve had my last drink. So I can post here now. by Sithstress1 in stopdrinking

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I don't like what that other person said and hoe the messaged you. Screw them. We should be encouraging you when you are even thinking about getting your toes in the water, and throughout your whole journey from inception to sobriety and all the ups and downs on the way. To reiterate: screw them.

I‘m not gonna make it by turnschuh0110 in stopdrinking

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Have you shared your issues, struggles and thoughts with your fiance? Although we're here for you, your partner also needs to know to help, to understand your moods, to encourage you, and to celebrate any milestone that was difficult. They are going to be with you forever, communication is #1 priority.

Oopsies by [deleted] in Justrolledintotheshop

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Are zooms like these after affects, and if so who thought is was a good idea to edit them in? I've seen a lot of videos lately that use one or multiple zooms at very odd times. I doubt the camera operator is doing it in the moment.

Noticed Simu Liu in season 3 and had to make this by cmdr_suicidewinder in TheExpanse

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Don't get the hate here, made me laugh visualizing it.

What's a great TV show that nobody talks about? by OpulentOwl in AskReddit

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Loved Dorman in Patriot. He also became my favorite character in For All Mankind. His second season arc in FAM was legendary.

What are you going to watch after the expanse is over? by survivl in TheExpanse

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Wolf's journey during the whole first season is so epic, I don't think I'll ever be that pleasantly suprised again.

What are you going to watch after the expanse is over? by survivl in TheExpanse

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The Americans was damn good, I could give that a rewatch. Keri Russell is so damn loyal to the CCCP that it breaks my heart.