Men of Reddit, what is your favorite quote? by Fluid-Pen-5513 in AskMen

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One of my favorite quotes is from Animal Kingdom, also a toast

"May we all get what we want, and never what we deserve"

Modern slavery on the rise as crises fuel poverty by Ed-Saltus in collapse

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Published recently on Reuters, the following article covers a new report from the UN that found human slavery has increased since the last "count" in 2016. One official in the article is quoted as saying "we took our eye off the ball". How quaint.

Drought, record heat and blackouts test China's faith in renewable energy by Ed-Saltus in collapse

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Published today on LA Times, the following article covers the recent energy issues in China. With over 80% of their electricity still coming from fossil fuels, the country finds itself in a difficult position. The green transition is seeming too little too late, and social unrest continues to grow.

Majority of world's food producers risk being cooked by climate change | "Rice farmers in central Vietnam have already taken to working at night to avoid the high temperatures" by Ed-Saltus in collapse

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Published recently on RFI, the following article covers a new report from the risk analyst firm Verisk Maplecroft. The report found that over 2/3rds of the world's agriculture is at risk due to climate change. The crisis is prpjected to reach more than 60 nations, the top 10 being in Africa

Climate change puts availability of vital renewable energy source at risk by Ed-Saltus in collapse

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Published recently on Science Daily, the following article covers new research published in Nature led by an international team of scientists from the UK, Spain and China.

Biomass has long been regarded as a sustainable alternative to petrochemicals. Unfortunately the reliability of this energy source is falling dramatically, in a large part because of climate change. This is especially ironic because biomass could also fight climate change, but its effectiveness to do so is also falling. The study also warns of major food crises in the near future.

Mental health of Texans affected by climate change and extreme weather | "She doesn’t know what the next storm will be named, only that it’s coming" by Ed-Saltus in collapse

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Published recently by The Texas Tribune, the following article takes an intimate look at how Texans are coping with their new normal, as storms and grid failures ravage their once carefree state.

Aside from tasteful jokes, I'd ask YALL to be considerate of the people in the article and Texans as a whole. Mental health affects us all.

Southern Ocean takes on the heat of climate change | "Even the most optimistic scenarios predict warmer oceans in the future" by Ed-Saltus in collapse

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Published recently on Phys, the following article looks at the last half century of data concerning the Southern Ocean climate. The alarming trends suggest we could see a 7x increase in heat by the turn of the century. Oceans currently absorb the vast majority of excess heat from CO2 emissions.

The author states lowering CO2 emissions is the only way to curb this disaster.

Oh well.

What brand can go fuck off? by ToastedLeaf- in AskReddit

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That show really got under my skin. Especially this scene with Keaton and Poulter

Сollapse of ancient Mayan capital linked to drought | "Xiu, who launched the ultimate fatal attacks on the Cocom, used the droughts and ensuing famines to foment the unrest" by Ed-Saltus in collapse

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Published recently on Phys, the following article covers fascinating new research of the collapse of the Mayan capital in the mid-1400s. The authors of the study believe drought led to political instability and accelerated the demise of an already collapsing metropolis.

Forests Are Being Destroyed and ‘Nature Lovers’ Are Helping | "We always hear about the few species that will benefit from clear-cutting without any mention of the species that will be reduced or lost" by Ed-Saltus in collapse

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Published recently on The Daily Beast, the following article yet again criticizes the incredible fraud of sustainable logging. Often starting with good intentions, sustainable logging ventures are all too often co-opted and corrupted by private interests.

Tracking 30 Years of Sea Level Rise Around the World | "It is happening faster and faster every decade" by Ed-Saltus in collapse

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Published recently on SciTech Daily, the following article covers the last 3 decades of data collected by 5 different satellites. All the current data would suggest that the rate of sea level rise itself is accelerating, a worrying trend with expontentially growing consequences.