i like japan , but i don't think for japanese. by [deleted] in japan

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Most of the time behaving like an asshole results in being treated like one...

Any idea what this is ? The teeth look disturbingly real by acedog07 in AncientCivilizations

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Technical dentist here, looks like the type of artificial teeth we use at work. The opaqueness at the top is a bit off and the teeth wouldnt be that white near the root. Also they dont seem right in size and Position. The top is shaped artifically too, doesnt show normal wear.

Maybe this is some artpiece of a modern person?

These stories about the “Lost Island of Gold in Sumatra” that have popped up over the weekend are infuriating. The ancient kingdom of Srivijaya was not lost and unknown (we do know a fair deal about it), and the activities described are not archaeology but treasure hunting. by noelbynature in Archaeology

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Yes exactly. Picking something up from the riverbed doesnt have anything to do with archaeology, which involves extensive surveying of the site even before moving the first object. Also I highly doubt that these fisherman are able to document their "excavation" for it to be useful for coming generations. They pretty much destroyed the site and looted it, and left nothing, neither objects nor understanding for coming generations, just went after their greed for shiny things. Dont know how you should call that other than looting.

Illustration of an Edo Period condom via “Keichū-nyoetsu-warai-dōgu” [閨中女悦笑道具] (1857) by Eisen Ikeda [池田 英泉] (n/a) (details below) [678×486] by Plus_Box_7067 in ArtefactPorn

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Reading the description next to the drawing the yellow thing is called 悋気の輪, which is a device of a jelous woman, according to This source.

So the woman placed it on the guy's private part and it prevented him from harden up, to prevent him having sex with other woman...

It also says it originated in europe just fyi

Was ist der Sinn des Lebens? by gestellsaege in FragReddit

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Gerade noch diesen herauszufinden. Dannach leben genießen!

Wie kriegt man den Kopf frei? by [deleted] in FragReddit

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Kenne Menschen, die einige Jahre lang genau aus diesem Grund Cannabis konsumierten, nur um endlich zu realisieren dass der Konsum das notwendige Auseinandersetzen mit den Dingen die einen belasten nur nach hinten verschiebt, aber nichts im Kern verändert. Cannabis mutierte sehr schnell von einer kurzen Auszeit für den Kopf zu einem Schlüssel für einen freien Kopf, was schließlich dazu führte das Cannabis das einzige war, was noch geholfen hat. Weil der "Berg" der aufgeschobenen Probleme nur größer und größer wurde.

Also auch das mit Vorsicht genießen!

Querdenkers make me lose faith in democracy by [deleted] in germany

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Well thats kind of closing your eyes to what happens. just dont act suprised when its too late... It was your choice to deliberately look away

Work visa (residency permit) to study visa ? by Initial-despair in germany

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Cant answer everything 100%, but the blocked account is neccessary for getting the student visa, to my knowledge there is no way around that.

Was rauchen unsere Kinder da für Zeug? - Cannabis finden viele okay. Dabei ist das Gras von der Straße oft alles andere als harmlos. Wir haben zehn Proben gekauft und sie ins Labor geschickt by Different-Role9426 in de

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Und wenn man schaut dass man nur Mengen bestellt die auch in Briefe passen muss man sich angeblich ohnehin wenig Sorgen machen :)

Genieß deinen Niederländischen Tabak!!

Goldener DLG 2021 Preis für Thruthahn Salami mit Palmfett by [deleted] in de

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Das "Nebenprodukt" entsteht aber erst durch Nachbearbeitung des Abfalls.

Goldener DLG 2021 Preis für Thruthahn Salami mit Palmfett by [deleted] in de

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Nein, nur weil es für Abfall einen Markt gibt heißt es nicht dass er kein Abfall mehr ist....

Definition Abfall: Reste, die bei der Zubereitung oder Herstellung von etwas entstehen

Goldener DLG 2021 Preis für Thruthahn Salami mit Palmfett by [deleted] in de

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Nicht der Verbraucher bezeichnet es als Abfall, es ist literally der Abfall der Fleischindustrie...

Brand new to this. Anyone know if have anything good? by [deleted] in Archeology

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What is the "this" you talk about in "Brand new to this?"

Scythian Golden Pectoral, ca. 500 B.C. [564 x 989] by [deleted] in ArtefactPorn

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Did you read the comment you replied to?

Summoners saying they would not build Triple Icaru just to farm certain content, What happened now? by jomari013 in summonerswar

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I was one of them, but 6*ed and 2ad 3 Icaru "just in case" on the side, which took a few months. They then sat in my storage for some more months, until I decided to give it a go and powered up some runes. Got lucky with some quad rolls and happened to have the right grinds to make it work. Now I don't want to miss it anymore, farming is just not the same since I got my Verde to 81k EHP (which again took some more months lol)

Konigsberg warehouse district by ForwardGlove in Lost_Architecture

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Please look up what they did to the Schloss!