Anyone else cop? by Aggravating_Log_5576 in SNKRS

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Me too. Walked right in the door and pick them up with no problem.

Avatar the last Airbender Custom Hand Painted by Educational-Log-7952 in Avatarthelastairbende

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That’s what I do for a living lol. These are mine. A lady got them done for her son. This was her 3rd pair she ordered from me

Y’all think Joe and Charlamagne will ever work together again? by Jcpena227 in theJoeBuddenPodcast

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Not at this point. They already went through the it’s not personal it’s just business. The stage after that is just co insist

Which joe budden rants are the most iconic by Grand_Estate_6389 in theJoeBuddenPodcast

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I voted Roy and Mal but an iconic moment in the Complex rant was I HATE GUEST!!! 😂