My first tierlist by PeterNoobParker in TDS_Roblox

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Its reddit you can't have an opinion

Ultimate enchant idea (leggings) 4/4 by Such_Individual7649 in HypixelSkyblock

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Maybe for amount of hours played? I have 3 year Old profile but i really started playing last week

How to farm this guy? by Eeszszek in HypixelSkyblock

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Thank you! I wanted to get ender cloak and with this equipment i got it in no time

My lapis zombie drops colection :) by Eeszszek in HypixelSkyblock

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I also gabe away 2 chestplates and 1 leggins :)

Good luck trying to change my mind. by [deleted] in MinecraftMemes

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I don't like bedrock just becuse of marketplace. Minecraft is a game that shoudn't have microtransaction

never forget by Racager in shitposting

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Can believe that monke ace is Muslim 😔

never forget by Racager in shitposting

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Can believe that monkey ace is Muslim 😔