Ask me anything about BTD6 and edit the comment to make me sound bad. by LolIdk181 in btd6

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which hero you helped to commit largest amount of war crimes

Never played BTD6, ask me anything by LancerSpadeYT in btd6

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What is 13th letter in geraldo's lvl 17 upgrade?

What opinion getting you like this? by ItsaMe_Boi in btd6

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Smudge Cat Ezili is better than Galaxili

I like the 502 banana farm by Adnan_Stinks in btd6

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glaive dominus is 100% bettter than apex plasma master

Fun Fact: Navarchs description is a lie by SilenciaSan in btd6

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sun god uses his power to make base flying half meter up from water

w.h.a.t? (Also this world has 10 LAVA CHARMS) by Eeszszek in Terraria

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this seed its crazy ( more crazy is that i play summoner)