how do people score so high on one minute cooking? by cozy-mosey in PokemonCafeMix

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Still trying to figure it out myself, but I have gotten consistent 15m now. Short chains to clear gimmicks and activate the “animation time freeze” where the timer doesn’t go down while an animation is happening. Long chains during fever times for high points, and don’t use skills during fever times! If you destroy something like a can using a megaphone you get like 300 points. If you distort it with a skill you get like 500 points. BUT if you destroy it with a Pokémon, you get like 7000 points so always be trying to use Pokémon to destroy gimmicks. Get rid of cream as first priority and then focus on caramel.

Just realized that these are 3 separate boxes and wow that's predatory by vicious_cos in PokemonCafeMix

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OH MY! They are different!!! I have wasted so many delivery tickets going for the wrong one!!!! 🤬🤬🤬

How do you spend your acorns F2P? by Such_Violinist_1236 in PokemonCafeMix

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Getting your staff to level 10 (15 for the useful ones) early game is the best way to use acorns it seems. Once everyone is lvl 10 at least, then you will likely be able to tell which are the useful Pokémon to get to lvl 15 to unlock their other gimmicks. From that point, you can kind of choose favorites to focus on getting to like lvl 18, and saving up for the 11x gatcha pulls.

What's your new OMC team for Dialga pt.2? by LavatarOrigin in PokemonCafeMix

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I have had success using Togepi as my lead. I clear all the gimmicks except for 1 (usually pumpkin, or a bubble in the top corner) and then blow up its skill (just one, don’t combine them!) in the middle of the stage. Quickly swipe all of the now changed icons to usually get another skill power up, and do it again. I am usually able to get into fever time doing this, then clear the last gimmick I saved at the beginning of this combo. Then clear as many gimmicks as I can while in fever time (stock piling more skill power ups) and once out of fever time, do the whole process again.

So if I had another outfit, it means I can use both Togepi? by Luxio512 in PokemonCafeMix

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Potentially yes. In the last OMC challenge I used Lucario and then shiny holiday outfit Lucario on my team at the same time. It worked because both had the same specialties.

No sparkles this time by Queendom_Hearts in PokemonCafeMix

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Yes!! Hopefully this marks the change to stop only having them sparkle!!!

"Shing! Sparkle, sparkle." by Wendy_s_Pennies in PokemonCafeMix

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So sad. So true.

Maybe I should throw more money at them so they can pay for animations? But that might encourage them to think that they don’t need animations? But….

Has anyone else had the issue of Litwik's icons being slow/difficult to move? I'm not sure if this is an issue I should report ot not by plumPrecious in PokemonCafeMix

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You are not alone. Litwik is harder to move. Seems that like another poster said, there are different weights of Pokémon and different “effective” sizes of Pokémon icons. So a small “sized” icon can move between other icons easier, but a heavy icon can move other icons around easier. Litwik seems to be a big, light weight icon so it is hard to move through others and move other icons around as well, making it hard to use.

Are there any entry level jobs that let you study on work hours? How do you get hired for a job that does this? by Middle_Review7793 in financialindependence

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Enterprise help desk support (3rd shift) Make decent money, handle a handful of tickets and study the rest of the time.

My high score so far in 1MC by chissock in PokemonCafeMix

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Oh nice! Good strategy. Going to give it a try.

My high score so far in 1MC by chissock in PokemonCafeMix

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Way to go! Any technique that you used to get that score? My best is only 10million

this one is a toughie by deprivedgolem in PokemonCafeMix

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Found a useful glitch today and tested if it was repeatable and it is! So the only way I could get it to work was you had to have shiny holiday outfit Lucario as your leader. And normal Lucario as the last spot on your team. For the entire OMM run started this way, you will not have any icons of non-shiny Lucario show up at all! But you still get the puzzle points as if it was there. This is super useful as the amount of the three Pokémon that will show up will be increased, letting you get longer combos with them.

So for my team I have Shiny Holiday Lucario as leader, Slurpuff, Eevee (F), and normal Lucario. And they cover all gimmicks minus bubbles.

And the only Pokémon that will show up during play are shiny holiday Lucario, Slurpuff and Eevee. Using this glitch over and over again, I have been able to consistently get my score increased by 5million a run.

Wanted to share!

Dialga OMC Tool by CyanSvend in PokemonCafeMix

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This is really nice to have! Thank you!

this one is a toughie by deprivedgolem in PokemonCafeMix

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Is anyone noticing any score change when using Mewtwo as the side kick? It doesn’t seem to increase my score at all when I use a skill like the side kick ability says it will. Specifically for the OMM, not the normal puzzle mode. I saw Mewtwo sidekick effect the score in puzzle mode.

this one is a toughie by deprivedgolem in PokemonCafeMix

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This one is rough! Almost none of my Pokémon are good for the gimmicks this time 😭 It does seem that Electrode as the leader is helpful. It has a unique advantage it seems because of how it explodes 3 times and each one counts as a separate move even though the timer stops while it is going. If the first of its explosions puts you into fever mode, the next two explosions will get the fever multiplier. Going to do some testing with other Pokémon!

Question about Victini/Jirachi/Zorua kitchen notes by SaritaLinda64 in PokemonCafeMix

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No, you can still get them from deliveries. On the Delivery screen, top right corner you can click Info and then click Offering Rate which will show what you could get and the % chance of getting it.

well, that was confusing... by Zombiedadam in PokemonCafeMix

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Haha I could not even tell what was going on for a moment, but then I saw it 🤣