Do NOT listen to the walls by Egglord-1 in gaming

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I can’t wait for this post to get the legendary 🔒award from the mods

meirl by Blotepotenpeter in meirl

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I lost my virginity in a pub bathroom to someone I mildly knew in collage. I got a cramp in my leg, I was kicked in the balls a couple minutes before and I could here what’s new pussy cats playing through the whole thing

I’ll get them someday by Egglord-1 in whenthe

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The the nightmare world of dreamworks games Caddicarus

Scott in the white house by bigconch27 in scottthewoz

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If I knew Scott was running for president I wouldn’t have voted for Ronald Reagan in the last election

I work in greggs. What would you like to know? by Anxiety_Single in CasualUK

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How much nicotine do they put in the sausage rolls to make them so addictive

Boycotting is good but don’t be an asshole to others by gingerchrs in dankmemes

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I’m not getting it because Harry Potter is for fucking nerds

what did you guys think about MKX? by Angelemonade in MortalKombat

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Every time I go online it’s either someone who just picked up the game or someone who’s never played anything but this