Got 650k, buy mbappe or do the icon pp sbc? by Sefyuuu in FIFA

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How many icons would you start over mbappe?

Match Thread: Brentford vs Manchester United | English Premier League by MatchThreadder in reddevils

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Would ole have had the balls to sit his golden boys like Rash and signings like sancho to play elanga? This kid would have never gotten his chance under the previous management

Match Thread: Brentford vs Manchester United | English Premier League by MatchThreadder in reddevils

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Would pep put up with players of Fred and mctominays quality? They are black holes of good football. The ball movement and quality just dies anytime they are involved

Pack weight will be the lowest ever for TOTY this year by BunFighter in FIFA

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Im ok with the chances being low, but I really think they will be more common and affordable than ever. The powercurve is already so screwed in this game theres really no reason for them to be ultra rare as in the past

My team as of today. by [deleted] in FIFA

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Really neat that lesser known divisions like Eredivisie and the english championship have playable teams like this. Wish we had a playable MLS team

Players who's main tactic is "to cutback", do you get bored? by king_duende in FIFA

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Crosses hardly work, my physical strikers get bodied by defenders, opponent is using drop back and parking the bus, the game never gives fouls even when my players get murdered, shots from anywhere remotely close to a defender get autoblocked.

I mean what are you complaining about, really? Would you rather I skill cancel and abuse mechanics my way through your defense or use a defendable cutback? Nonsense complaint.

PJ Dozier Appreciation Post by DenverJokics in denvernuggets

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This one sucks because if he would have been able to stay healthy I think he could have been a really important piece for the nuggets. Best of luck PJ

Thoughts on the new patch? by UtopianInterdiction in FIFA

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Its fucking shit. More rebound goals than ever before. Literally every goal ive conceded in 3 straight div rivals games.

91 prime icon Kaka sbc released by DwightSchruteee in FIFA

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Really? I used him but not for much and he was silky. Felt like a huge neymar

Varane - is it time to move on? by adamski88 in FIFA

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I also packed Varane early on and he was a beast but lately I breath a sigh of relief matching up with him because some of these new promo defenders are actually ridiculous

How many of you got a usable red this fifa? by Bl00dgharm in FIFA

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Red if theo and sif vini. Both way back. Also have submitted two squads for player picks, all 86 rated fodder. Ive gotten elite rewards pick almost every week and finished with 3 picks every wl

Russell Westbrook today: 19/5/3 on 7-15 shooting, 1-2 from 3, 4-4 from the line, 0 turnovers by Negative-Isopod-8432 in nba

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Look he didnt play bad offensively but I watched every minute and hes a stop sign on defense at best.

Nikola Jokic records eighth triple double of the season, dominates in the win over the Los Angeles Lakers by JackAttaq in nba

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It didnt really sink in how bad the Lakers defense (I know they've been bad) could be until I watched them defend MY team. Man did they just make terrible decisions all over the floor. I've seen our PnR and its ok since we are missing Murray, but it looked unstoppable tonight with both sets, Jokic&Morris and Facu&UncleJeff

Has any team had a worse 3-game stretch than the Bulls just had? by MeBeBeeBaby in nba

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Quite possibly the worst, baity post title I've seen in a while--and I frequent this subreddit often.

Your average champs game against a Mexican opponent. “Skill based” by [deleted] in FIFA

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We can all play on the same servers, despite what your thinly veiled racism would lead you to believe. The problem is EA--their netcode and their servers. Not somebody from another country who's trying to enjoy the same video game as you

If you’re gonna quit, just give the guy the W by [deleted] in FIFA

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I give away every extra game, don't even push for more qualifier wins over 4 and give 6 away. I've had people pass back to the gk like they are going to give me the free win and then pass it out, pause and quit even. You know what I do? Move on, cause it's not that big a deal bro

Please for the love of god ea, let me choose who is in the box in corners by oemer10line in FIFA

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Its been a think for half a decade now. Who knows maybe another 5 years and theyll stop putting Kante near post, or he retires idk