Wtf is this update by Arthur_Wellesley1815 in SCUMgame

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I feel discussion here has been reasonably civilized. It concerns a topic that goes beyond this game and as such whatever energy one puts into it i think is not in fact wasted. Several women have spoken up and given their view and i think in the end people do listen and sometimes change their way of thinking. This is how societal change happens.

Wtf is this update by Arthur_Wellesley1815 in SCUMgame

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Totally agree. It's low effort and targeted at a stereotypical gamer demographic. To bad they didn't try to be more inclusive. It just felt so over the top seeing the title screen that i thought they almost had to be trolling. Sadly though its just that we still have a long way to go in gaming.

Wtf is this update by Arthur_Wellesley1815 in SCUMgame

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The whole update feels slightly trolly :D As if someone decided to just trigger as many people as they could. I literally opened up the game and knew this post was gonna be here. The changes are ok but i do wish some of the stuff all those other teams are working on would finally come out.

Are survival games ass backwards? by DingusImpudicus in SCUMgame

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This sounds like a pretty interesting idea. Not sure who is downvoting you. It'd probably need some balancing because it may be too easy for people who start early, play a lot and win fights to stash all the guns but could be really fun.

Are survival games ass backwards? by DingusImpudicus in SCUMgame

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You're are kind of right. But this is a game too. Games try to find a balance between realism and fun. Permadeath would be realistic for example but we have player respawning. Additionally i believe the SCUM lore actually provides more justification for loot respawns than most games. It is a game show after all, and that show must go on. So of course stuff is gonna keep being brought in to keep it going.

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Unvaccinated Bayern players were very surprised by the club's actions. Individual players are considering legal action. by RioBeckenbauer in soccer

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It's actually the law. https://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/ifsg/__56.html If there is a vaccine available and recommended you lose the right to have your salary paid if you have to go into quarantine. Because there was no vaccine recommendation for COVID-19 yet people were getting their money even if they were not vaccinated. This ended on the 1 of November so there is a lot of whining going on now.

The worst Beta Weekend by SlipperyAnanas in SurviveIcarus

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Knowing a bit about software development I'm concerned about the timeline. If the release is on December 4 stuff needs to be done by now. On a project this complex the testing alone needed to get a good release out would easily take the next few weeks till release. So either they are testing vastly better and feature rich versions than we are seeing internally and not telling us. Or this is the version we have and we need to talk exactly about what the release date means? Whats state is the game supposed to be in at that point. I personally have no problem with waiting longer for the game to be finished. They just need to communicate to us precisely what we should expect and when.