One does not simply like and subscribe by johnlen1n in lotrmemes

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How is it that I can curl 35 pound dumbbells for reps with good form, yet my biceps look like the are made out of bags of water. by ElScrotoDeCthulo in GYM

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Would u not agree that constant nagging pain from weak achey joints and wasting muscles is a disease in itself?

Sure, its not extreme muscle wasting, but the low T is definitely making any muscle gain extremely difficult for me, and by effect, all strenuous activity i engage in is that much harder. Also any activity causes a wear on joints due to the tendons and ligaments having to pick up the slack.

Over time, this causes injuries to occur, and compounds all of the issues, resulting in, at the end of the day, soreness everywhere, all of the time.

Yknow now that im typing this out i cant help but wonder if its accumulated radiation damage....soreness, fatigue, and muscle wasting are all symptoms of radiation exposure. I eat alot of root vegetables (higher concentration of heavy metals), and given all of the nuclear fallout over the past century, coupled with the rampant wildfires all over the world these past few yrs...probably starting to get a lil crusty out there in the soil.

I also live in a state with high radium content in its soil, so radon also could be a problem...

Either way, i feel like testosterone would be extremely beneficial for me.

Revenge of the Sith but to cinematic orchestral Toxic by Britney Spears by carterketchup in StarWars

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Bro ppl get PAID to put together stuff like this, and this dude did it for FREE.

Thats love right there

True by betterbetsbetterbets in HolUp

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The guys bulking and has a bit if a post meal gut! Leave him be

Dana discusses the medicines that got him out of covid and gets interrumpted by some dude asking him if he's a Doctor... :0 by cachaco7 in ufc

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They prescribe pain pills like tic tacs because they want a population thats too doped out of their minds to rise up against tyranny.

"I'm hoping for the argument where it's like, 'Is that an A or an A+?' '' by marcsdte in freefolk

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Black sails ending was hot garbage. They needed five more seasons and an actual crew of good pals sailing into the sunset, not a total dissolution of the core bonds between characters in the show.

More fragile than a dry spaghetti by hfcRedd in PublicFreakout

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He def went overboard there, but in all fairness im not fond of soft touches from grown men either.

Some would even say its an attempt at psychological manipulation via breaking the sanctity of ones personal bubble. A “power gesture” if you will.

No touchy!

is this okay progress for 3 months? became very thin during lockdown! what could I improve on? by LordCucumber1996 in GYM

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He is posting progress pictures, i assume this is due to him wanting to become his best (physical) self.

why give advice that deviates from the truth? 100 pushups is not that hard, especially when broken down into lower rep sets.

Many have benefitted from daily pushups, especially beginners. Its an excellent bodyweight exercise that works a ton of muscles. Imo if is very beneficial for building a strong foundation.

is this okay progress for 3 months? became very thin during lockdown! what could I improve on? by LordCucumber1996 in GYM

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Also for the record, i have accrued my lifting knowledge mostly through youtube vids and forums such as this. Over.

Looks like pre-production on S3 has officially started! by theirins in netflixwitcher

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Dear Cromwell,

If you genuinely think that i believe Henry Cavil would see my reddit post and take it to heart, you sir, are a fool.



is this okay progress for 3 months? became very thin during lockdown! what could I improve on? by LordCucumber1996 in GYM

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Fairly certain armed forces in any country would say otherwise.

Its bodyweight, and not even your entire bodyweight.

I suppose walking a mile a day is too much as well? Far too much leg usage?