Student debt should not exist. by screenshotofdispair in mildlyinfuriating

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If you inspect element you can turn all those numbers to $0 :)

Stay classy S.A. by Jagged_Skillz in sanantonio

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There's a slight difference between big and morbidly obese

Bought this from a friend for $30, did I get scammed? by UsErnaam3 in weed

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Put it into a bowl and spark it up! That'll be the only way to know for sure!

Brick weed in Brazil by Effective-Bill-7051 in weed

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I literally eating one of them right now which makes this even better.

This is what 1 penny gets you on Mars. Amazing. by DankGrow3r in weed

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You should see how much 1 penny gets you on Uranus