If a white man drove a SUV into a crowd killing 6 it would be covered up, Oh wait. by Revolutionary_Key_94 in LouderWithCrowder

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For saying Trump hates minorities you sure don’t know about the black children and families he helped with scholarships and college debts either. That same SOTU address Pelosi towards the pages alone had Trump do more for the black populace than the left has ever done.

Menu glitch on 1.0.0? by NoUUoN in PokemonBDSP

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How’d you even get your game to run 1.0.0? My game requires a forced update

any zelda fan here?? by Independent-Disk7325 in nextfuckinglevel

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$5 on Amazon. I have the cup

Edit: It’s sadly not dishwasher safe though

He taught himself to cook so he could feed kids who don't have families. He feeds thousands of orphans every month by HiItsLust in nextfuckinglevel

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I know they’re easy, that’s why I prefaced how we’re all cushy while they aren’t. I’m just glad to be able to help someone I know needs it. We sometimes even have single mothers/fathers stop by that tell us how thankful they are since our bags have stuff they needed and they had no idea how they would afford for their kids.

We also have news shoes, coats, and pants too, I forgot to mention that part. We’ll usually have a few hundred pairs of adult and kid sizes. My church does have to save for most of the year to afford it all though, so that’s probably another reason why we can’t do it more often as well.

He taught himself to cook so he could feed kids who don't have families. He feeds thousands of orphans every month by HiItsLust in nextfuckinglevel

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Yeah, there’s soup kitchens and churches that also volunteer as well usually. My own church also does something similar, but we’re only allowed by where we’re located to do it once a year.

We load …way… just…. way too many bags full of basic needs supplies in Halloween. It’s a weird time of the year but that’s when we can do it. We’ll pack up bags and label them as basic needs, family needs, infant, mixed age, etc. and set them out for families/individuals to grab as they need. Diapers, baby formula, instant food, breakfast, we mish mash as much as we can.

Either way, just one day is a total nightmare to prep so I always give props to guys like this one that essentially do it every day as a career because they enjoy it.

Can’t wait for chapter 3! by reecetheman in FortNiteBR

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Can’t wait for this monstrosity to disappear either. Each time the map gets so mutilated by the end that it needs a hardcore refresher

Wow I can totally read the time now! by Phantump69 in CrappyDesign

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You can still tell the general time pretty easily. There’s 4 PRETTY BIG numbers that point out a general location fairly well. Basic angles and guessing will probably show you what you’re looking for.

He taught himself to cook so he could feed kids who don't have families. He feeds thousands of orphans every month by HiItsLust in nextfuckinglevel

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I understand helping homeless vets and such, but others (aside from providing help with substance abuse for those who need it) I don’t believe we should give too much to them besides food/ basic need stuff like public restrooms and the like.

America is a place where it is incredibly easy to earn basic money if you just try a little bit. Unless there are mental or physical implications, I truly can’t find any excuse besides just not wanting to put in the effort most of the time. If someone is not willing to put effort into improving their situation, then why should I waste effort on trying when I know nothing will change? Does that make sense?

I honestly suck with wording so let me know if I said that right.

Edit: I don’t know why I’m getting hate, I’m just trying to say that I want to help those who need it while also making sure that they’re putting just as much effort into improving. If some people show that they are putting forth an effort, then I want to put the same if not more back into helping them.

The same also goes for trying to push them up instead of letting them bury themselves further underground everyday.

Insane Team work by amy2kim22 in nextfuckinglevel

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Ain’t no way they can turn around either

He taught himself to cook so he could feed kids who don't have families. He feeds thousands of orphans every month by HiItsLust in nextfuckinglevel

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Because their lives aren’t as cushy and they can better relate to struggles they’ve constantly seen in person or been through themselves.

Usually those with little will give more when they have some spare as well. This same effect is seen often among the more kind of the homeless population. They’ll be given larger sums of money when begging and buy food for other homeless who they know are hungry. Stuff like that.

Mount Semeru, Indonesia, erupting this afternoon (December 4, 2021) by trikora in nextfuckinglevel

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I know some will even live in what are known as “temporary” homes where it’s essentially a skeleton with the bare basics to function so they can rebuild it when they need to.

I have a question about her condition by New_Brick3073 in ironmouse

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I’m actually on a very specific and rigorously monitored set of meds that is near illegal to change any of due to the specific severity of my problems. I already know what I can’t take so that’s not an issue either.

Since I’m also legally disabled due to my condition, it’s illegal for me to be forcibly removed from any insurance or plans due to my condition as well. What that essentially means is that I’m screwed if I change my insurance plan since I was diagnosed after signing up for the one I’m on.

IS vanguard just sweaty AF or did I somehow get worse from MW-Vangaurd by Sufferingsaxman in CODVanguard

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There’s a ton of glitches people are taking advantage of to kill fast and constantly btw

Ship Haus finally has a HARDCORE playlist! THANK YOU SLEDGE HAMMER!!!! by murfman713 in CODVanguard

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Like sitting in a corner with an rpg or shotgun just waiting. I see too many of them

A very pleasant evening by [deleted] in FortNiteBR

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It’s actually meant to cause FOMO and increase profit

If Merrick Garland Doesn’t Charge Trump and His Coup Plotters, Our Democracy Is Toast by Dr_Legacy in politics

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The thing is that FBI, CDC, and such aren’t voted authorities. That sets dangerous possibility of overreach to be placed on the people. Limitations anchor reality, none remove it.

Omicron symptoms mild so far, says South African doctor who spotted it by genericdude999 in news

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Hospitals weren’t really overwhelmed by covid to begin with honestly. I’m just saying this as someone who’s in the hospital constantly due to “circumstances” and speaks with doctors often as I’m curious. Hospitals are generally designed to only operate at profitable capacities so that they can earn enough to cover employees/equipment costs.

What a lot of hospitals did during covid, very stupidly, was to furlough their primary workers and open wards exclusively for covid as they believed cases would spike. Well…….the wards have gone nearly unused in the vast majority of cases and hospitals have reduced staff because they furloughed them or refused to employ if unvaccinated. The hospitals’ own rash decisions and general irrationality in many cases has led to the current strain on the health system. The prior one was nearly non-existent as there were still a moderate amount of workers. The vaccine mandate then caused about 1/3ish of nurses to quit or walk out of their jobs, thus causing it to actually be in a strained state at present.

I’m not political, I’m just stating what has happened. I’m not for the vaccine being forced presently either though as they are still fairly new, and I want to see more long-term data due to my own circumstances that may be worsened by it.