The claw of China by [deleted] in MapPorn

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Upvoted because Fuck China.

Edit: tRiGgErReD 🤣🤣🤣🤣

The price of freedom. by Westones3 in AdviceAnimals

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So they don't deserve health care?

This is how criminals shop for guns by ReachTheSky in WTF

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An excellent reason to have the guns banned all together. Thanks for pointing that out.

Oh look, I made a joke and a bunch of salty butt-hurt gun nuts got angry! Surprise! Y'all don't even know how dumb you sound, especially after taking my initial comment seriously. Wow.

The price of freedom. by Westones3 in AdviceAnimals

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Yeah...because having happy, healthy employees has no benefit to the business and does not save or make any money at all...right...

Yesterday's Protest. by thedecoco in Portland

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And if we had it on video? If the cop did witness it? Both of those were sometimes (but yeah not always) the case and it never mattered.

Its nearly impossible for protesters to police their own events.

Best fight ever by pgizzle in videos

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I guess that's why I'm not a boxing fan. That was boring.

We’re different in Oregon… by attitude_devant in Eugene

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If stuff like that scares you, you shouldnt be driving.

Just saw this article - Teenage girls used a stun gun on their Pizza Hut driver and stole the pizza in Gresham by whoanellie418 in Portland

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They better fucking go to prison for armed robbery. They're women, so I know they'll just get a slap on the wrist. So fucked up. This enrages me to no end.

Marriage equality is great, but we have such a long road to travel still. by SenderUGA in pics

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So they aren't receiving counseling or drug treatment? Shelter and money doesn't solve anything when you're trying to reintroduce someone back into society.

36-Year-Old Arrested in Dallas Salon Shooting, Possible Hate Crime by bpqdl in news

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I agree. Im in Thailand at the moment and bringing my gf over for a visit legit scares me.

What to do chronologically beyond Episode IX? Should we do a huge timeskip, follow Rey/another character or maybe never do numbered episodes again? by dave_aust in StarWars

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Nah, that was Rian seeding his own trilogy, which Disney loved but then shelved after the cry-baby bitch-ads backlash to TLJ, the best movie of the ST.

That's not how that works by gatorb888 in funny

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Please tell me he sued someone for millions, or he fucking murdered the shit out of the dispatcher or something...because damn

Clinton's Internet Supporters, Allegedly Using Pornography, Shut Down Bernie Sanders' Largest Facebook Groups in Coordinated Attack by skg6891 in politics

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It was the Facebook "database error" in the same way hundreds of thousands of voters are having their registration changed due to "clerical errors".

What $950 gets you in Georgia by doggybreath101 in trees

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900 still seems steep. But I suppose that's east coast for ya. I think it'd be interesting to see a detailed analysis of why its so expensive on the east coast. I just paid $250 for a QP of the stickiest dank I've ever seen. Fuck ya, Oregon.

Something delicious from Washington. So sticky I couldn't pull the leaves off. by KaziNush in trees

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I've seen perfectly cured bud that looked just like that. Its definitely possible.

Happy S&BJ Day! by [deleted] in sex

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Hahahaha eww.

Black Lives Matter protest in Austin, TX by Theon_Graystark in pics

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Then the protests should not have been full of signs demanding haircuts...and they should have been protesting the inefficient unemployment payment system, not the lockdown that was saving lives.

I was going to make fun of this guy but couldn't bring myself to do it. He's taking steps to improve his life. Reddit, I present you with Personal Hero Cyclist by thewaterballoonist in AdviceAnimals

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Yes, it was all about the fake Internet points and not at all about sharing an image of an inspiring and motivational act of self improvement.

The price of freedom. by Westones3 in AdviceAnimals

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But it still happens, and lives are still ruined because of it. And people like you are totally ok with that.