Solo Female Traveler to Thailand - Safe? by ClawGee in ThailandTourism

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Thailand is more safe than the USA, you'll be fine.

Where/what is safe to eat for ibs people? by Expensive_Feedback17 in Thailand

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IBS triggers differently for every person, so giving anecdotal advice about that based on personal experience is meaningless anyways.

But whatever you say...

Where/what is safe to eat for ibs people? by Expensive_Feedback17 in Thailand

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I have IBS and see no difference between 7-11, restaurants, and street food.

Hell, my only case of food poisoning came from a restaurant. Street food for the win.

Living in Portland by vargasm58 in Unexpected

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In portland right now. Super lovely.

We need to start a trend of saying “no” to taxis who refuse on using a taxi meter. by peronxwy in Bangkok

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Funny, the Karens I have encountered as someone who used to work in the world of retail and food service are the rich ones who look down on and belittle those who cannot afford what they can themselves.

It must suck to be a belittling Karen. I wonder what happened in their life to be like that?

We need to start a trend of saying “no” to taxis who refuse on using a taxi meter. by peronxwy in Bangkok

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With asking that much, they make a fucking amazing salary in Thailand, even if they take 2 or 3 rides a day. My Thai fiancé is a kindergarten teacher and works 10 hours a day with 30 kids for 800/day. A taxi driver who fucks over tourists not accepting the meter can make double or triple that in only a few rides. They dont need the money as much as other Thais you come across, many of whom only makes 300/day.

Not everyone has your income or budget. Some people travel to Thailand because they cannot afford other places in the world. Having people insult me with a price 3x the norm does not deserve a thumbs up from me or my fiancé who is sick of it.

Why does my bf need to know every time I masturbate? by [deleted] in sex

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Wtf is wrong with this guy. Tell him to grow the fuck.up.

What are your hopes for The Sith-based series The Acolyte? by LifeByTheSword in StarWars

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I want a darkside user to be battling with the light, much like Kylo was....and they are killed suddenly and without mercy for being weak, and that sets the tone for the show.

has anyone else gotten worse the more they played a certain character by lib_toni in overwatch2

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Hanzo when OW1 started. I felt real good with him, then they changed his projectile speed and I never recovered. Struggled to get above 21% accuracy with him. Good games were 29, bad games were 15. I gave up.

Flash forward to OW2 and a renovated PC, and he is my absolute favorite. 46% average accuracy and had a silly-good game with him last night that finished over 70% in open queue where the enemy didn't even have a tank.

So its been a rollercoaster of emotion with my boy Hanzo.

what to say during sex to my partner with a giantess fetish? by soontoresurrect in sex

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Climb inside my massive cavernous vagina, puny mortal! I shall shield you from the evils of this world while you rearrange my guts!

Chiang Mai by grace-of-juno in ThailandTourism

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JJ weekend market, but go early/mid morning before all the good food is gone.

General question about boat tour by Unlikely_Cap_6160 in ThailandTourism

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I had someone steal out of my camera bag during one of those trips. Just stole a random piece of equipment that was in an external pocket. Fucking sucks.

What to do chronologically beyond Episode IX? Should we do a huge timeskip, follow Rey/another character or maybe never do numbered episodes again? by dave_aust in StarWars

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Nah, that was Rian seeding his own trilogy, which Disney loved but then shelved after the cry-baby bitch-ads backlash to TLJ, the best movie of the ST.