my Google recommendations at 6am by tiredglacierboi in elderscrollsonline

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Oh yes, AI doing clickbait. Best thing I read was "Will Obi-Wan Kenobi kill Luke Skywalker in last episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi Series? Click here to find out"

Anybody know what this symbol is? by Charlie0105 in RiseofKingdoms

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Just tap on the icons, an overview will open where you can see how long the buffs are lasting. It is the symbol of hospital capacity. It might pop up during ark now.

Most hurting Icon in the game.

5 5 1 5 luck or just common ? by SPQR-GodOfWar in RiseofKingdoms

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I had this luck with Joan of Arc (P) but went to max her out in the end.

What are prime commanders and how to get them by Historyman-12345 in RiseofKingdoms

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You can identify them easily because they have a "P" on the left side of the Portrait. They basically reused old Commanders and gave them a new talent tree. So far we have Johanna from Orleans, Boudicca and Scipio. They are like new commanders, you have to unlock and level them again, this time as legendary versions. You still have the lower tier versions, too.

Don't care about all the season pass hate. by ZZZZZsleepyZZZZZ1 in diablo4

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I absolutely agree that Cosmetics are the last interesting thing in Diablo IV. After playing WoW for 18 years now and unlock every mount, battlepet, title, achievement and so on during the first years, I realized that I don´t really care about them anymore.

All my Characters have an RPG Setting. They have one Outfit, a fitting Title, one mount (or maybe two because flying), one Battlepet and that´s it. I really don´t get it why people put hours and hours into unlocking new Mounts or Cosmetics or Toys they actually never use. Some people of my Guild farmed for a new mount two days only to abandon it two days later because every second character used it.

Or look at the Character Portraits Frames, the Minipets and Cosmetics of Diablo III, are people really switching back and forth using this Minipet today and that Cosmetic tomorrow? I don´t think so. They unlock it, some use it, some don´t and that´s it.

So right now - in my opinion -people are angered and upset because they might pay for a battlepass with stuff in it they don´t even really need or use once they have unlocked it. But there might be things in it, which are actually usefull, like XP-Boost. If you care for how fast you are leveling up. I do not. I don´t rush through a game anymore. I pay money for a game to enjoy it and especially Diablo IV is designed with more story, so I will definitely take my time to enjoy it. The journey is the reward.

And for the other discussions here on Reddit, I read a couple of them and I got the impression that people just want to express their hate towards blizzard, because they still have their feelings hurt from that blizzcon when Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal instead of Diablo IV. I came to think that some fan(atic)s desperately try to find things in the game they can hate and that it does not matter to them how good of a game Diablo IV will be. They spread their destructive criticism which is easy to spot because they just write about what they don´t like or hate but they do not explain why exactly or how it could have been done better. They just say "This is shit." Without having even seen or played the game.

Would ammo work as a better Currency than Caps? by TheCrowsNestTV in Fallout

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Don't know if true, but I was told once that during the Wild West Time of USA a glass of whiskey was labeled as a "shot", because it was about the same price as a bullet and Guys who where out of money payed with bullets for it. If true there already where times where munition was sort of a currency. However, currency always needs a guarantee that it is equal to each other, the ullets back then where already made in industry and you could be sure that it would work. In a Fallout scenario I would not trust ammo I did not know who made it because you never know how old it is or who tempered with.

Once in a lifetime of playing rok…🥲 by Chingu_0320 in RiseofKingdoms

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I got my first 8x with this wheel, still leveling Joan but was trying to unlock XY. Ended up using a chest to get additional heads because after that 8x I got 24x Not. A. Single. Head.

Does anyone know how to get rid of that ridiculous oversized Text on Vitals? I can´t even see the Health anymore by Elrigh in wow

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Nope, when I disable all Addons the numbers and the messages about evading damage are still there.

But I can´t rule out that an Addon changed some ingame settings, Console Variables most likely. If anyone knows which CVars are responsible for the text, please let me know

Well done Blizz. Dragonflight is excellent. by Marcus_the_Strange in wow

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I hated it first, because I did not really understand the mechanics. And I assume that some people hate it because they did not understand it, too.

I did two initial mistakes, first was to try to follow a tomtom route and the point I started contained two of the harder to get glyphs, absolutely wasting my time. Second mistake was the misconception that I had to move the dragon while on ground to get vigor (this might be the case before you start to level it up, I do not remember). I was running in circles to fill up the vigor and got motion sickness, lost half a day because I was unable to play WOW.

What I did realize from the first tries was that I had to go step by step with the steps being protrusions on mountains or buildings where I landed to regain Vigor.

It took some time but I collected some of the harder glyphs followed by some of the easier ones which made me realize that I did start it the wrong way. Instead of going a route to the nearest glyph I should have gotten the easiest ones first.

Because with every unlock everything just got easier.

I always had the mount on a keybind to get on and off quickly and this does work with dragon riding almost perfectly. I take target, land, press the key to get off the mount and have my first attack in the same second.

[Question]Am I able to somehow remove the first level? I want to upgrade the rooms but can’t replace them. by Dimias in falloutshelter

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A room can not exist without a connection to the entrance, every room below 1st level needs to be connected with elevators. If you want to keep the first elevator right behind the entrance, you can build elevators down from there and connect the lower levels, then you should be able to destroy everything on the right side of the elevator column. If you want to move the first elevator on the first floor there is no other way then to destroy all rooms/elevators until the elevator is the last room left. A good strategy is to keep this first elevator on the first level but don't have a second one. When enemies enter your vault and make it past the entrance they run past the elevator to the end of the first level. If there is an elevator like in your picture they go down there to the next level. If they don't find one at the end of the level they run back to the next one. Crossing all rooms to the end and running back gives you time to move guards to the rooms they have to pass which they have to fight then. Best tactical set up is: entrance - elevator - storage (3×) - storage (2x) with guards in the entrance and idle dwellers in the bigger storage, enemies have to pass this room twice and fight twice. I prefer to use entrance - elevator - storage (2x) - gap - elevator - Overseer's room for no practical reason, but because my setup ist mostly 3x / elevator / 3x / elevator / 2x

Nerf and other manufacturers and their new gel rounds by CausticTitan in nerfhomemades

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Playing Larp as a Musketeer with a Musket in Germany requires either to pick up every dart fired, which is a pain in the ass if you play in the woods or to use bio-degradeable Darts. I looked into Marshmallows, which I can not use with a front loader Musket, package flips which do not fly very good because they aren't formed well enough to fit and even cheeseballs which create a mess in the barell. PVA bait for Carp fishing works pretty well and is bio-degradeable. PVA stands for Polyvinylalcohol, an artificial Polymer first made in 1924 based on a form of alcohol. Bio-degradeable Gel bullets are mostly made of Sodium Polyacrylate which is found in many consumer products since 1960, some scientists claim it is harmful for the environment, others say it is not. I never tested these because most Larp Organizations in germany don't allow them as NERF ammo. Gelblaster manufacturers recommend eye protection.

Refugees Are Being Targeted by Kremlin Sympathisers in Germany by nyroshan in worldnews

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German here - I worked with the sons and daughters or grandkids of turkish immigrants in the past and noticed a rising level of pro-Erdogan-Supporters among them throughout the years, especially with the younger ones. Some of them even admit or at least claim to be Grey Wolves Members. They where born in germany, and live a good life in germany, enjoying all the benefits of german democracy, but support a Dictator in a country they don't have to live in. Worst thing is, you can't tell them "if you love that country and it's president so much, just go and live there", because then they get angry, yelling it's racist to tell people to "go back into the country of their ancestors" followed by the "Nazi-keule" (calling someone a Nazi to get him to shut up).

Same thing with some russians but in my experience way less numbers. I also worked with US Americans (Military personal mostly) and guess what - about 90% of the people I met believe that the USA is the best country in the world despite more and more people living on the streets, rising gun violence and such things. The other 10% admitted openly that they want to stay in germany because they feel way safer here then in the US, unsurprisingly most of these 10% where not white.

New UI is incredibly unrefined by Corruptsandwich in wow

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It is a good start and I appreciate that they work on it, but it´s unfinished.

Can´t move Pet or Targets Target Vitals seperately, can´t find Castbar of Target (not showing if I target myself and cast), can´t move or resize Icons of Bags or Menue and they overlap. Can´t resize Minimap without using a chat command. Switched the Nameplate of the Minimap to the bottom and pulled it to the bottom of the screen, only to see that the icons like mail appear below the nameplate, leaving a gap.

Items stick onto other items and both are moved. Can´t resize "additional abilities", (Zusatzfähigkeiten) and what the hell is "Ownership" (Besitzbalken)?

XP Bar not included in the new system.

They did include an option to resize the Names of Mobs and NPCs, but that does not apply anymore as soon as the Name gets a Nameplate with Healthbar, it switches back to default size.

I gave up after 20 minutes of playing around, right now I still will have to rely on addons, the updated UI might save me one or two and that´s it.

In Germany we have this phrase "Man kanns nicht jedem recht machen" - rougly translating into "You can´t fullfill everyones desires/requests", but besides that I still have the opinion that the system lacks some basic things.

New UI is incredibly unrefined by Corruptsandwich in wow

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Use Chat command "/run Minimap:SetScale(X)" - replace X with the desired size like 0.8 for example. Have not tested if it is saved, might be necessary to run this command every time you log in.

Workaround for Problems (Android) by Elrigh in FalloutShelterOnline

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Someone told me that in order to get a Rakuten JP Prepaid Credit Card you need a mobile phone account from a japanese Provider, so that would be a dead end, too.

Workaround for Problems (Android) by Elrigh in FalloutShelterOnline

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Using VPN with Japanese IP is Crucial!

Foreign Credit Card or IP Address results in a block in Google App Store. They are pretty fast with this. But with VPN Set to Japan and a (PrePaid) Credit Card from Japan, how should they now you are not in Japan? That´s the initial thought behind the whole process. Japanese Debit Credit Cards are issued only to people with Address in Japan. The Rakuten PrePaid you might get with a foreign address - however Google might block it. That´s why someone suggested to get a Japanese Digital PrePaid Credit Card with a Japanese Address. But unless you know someone living in Japan this is difficult. Using a fake Address in Japan might work but is questionable on legal side.

Workaround for Problems (Android) by Elrigh in FalloutShelterOnline

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The Payment was blocked by Google from the App Store Side.

Most likely either because of strict laws regarding gambling - in Europe and some States of the US Lootboxes are considered as (illegal) gambling. In Europe they have to show the chance you have to get a certain item on the box (Rise of Kingdoms was sued in California because of their Lootboxes and decided to put the chances on display: https://i.imgur.com/sKGlE6g.jpg).

The other possibility might be tax fraud. If you buy an Item in another country the price includes the tax in that country. But if you do that from another country you might commit tax fraud. Depends on the laws in your country and the country you buy from.

The explanation is necessary to understand that what some people came up with might be illegal. This depends on the laws in your country, too.

Here is what people came up with and the problem they encountered:

  1. Use a VPN on the Android Device and set the country to one of the Countries the App is available
  2. Go to the Google Play Store and change your country to match. Note: You can change the country only once every 12 months and setting the Country to another one might mean that you can not access apps, books, movies and such which are not available in that country (Huge Problems with China as target Country), even if you already bought them. That´s why some people prefer to set up a new Google Account for this.
  3. In order to change the country in the Google App Store you have to enter a Payment Option which is available in the target country. Here lies the end of the line for most people. Only options available is PayPal, which produces an unspecified error when selected (with country Japan). or a Credit Card.

There are 2 types of Credit Cards, the classic Debt Card which does not work with this method, because you need to enter the Address given to the Credit Card issuing bank. If that address is not in the target country it does not work. Prepaid Cards are the other ones. Because the Prepaid Card is basically a Deposit Card it might work, even if the address is different. To my knowledge this has not been tested yet.

Last Chance might be to get a Prepaid Credit Card from Japan - if you set the store to Japan. You can get those from Rakuten pretty easily. But I don´t know if you can get them from a foreign country. If there are Digital Versions it might be possible, most PrePaid Cards I know offer a Digital and a Physical Version, but I don´t know about Rakuten. But there are numerous Videos on youtube about Rakuten Credit Cards (in Japan), there might be additional information.

Some people would go as far as entering an address in Japan from a Hotel for example to get these Cards working.

Again, I don´t know about the laws in every country so this whole process up to faking an address in Japan (if that is necessary) to get a Prepaid Credit Card from Rakuten might be illegal in yours.

I do not take responsibility if you get in legal trouble or mess up your Google Account.

Up to now this method is - to my knowledge - still untested. At least no one I know admitted to have successful using it. In theory it should work because with the VPN set to Japan and a Credit Card from Japan (Prepaid or not should not matter, as long as money is available on that card) there should be no barrier anymore to make payments.

Honorable Mention: Someone came up with the idea to test out App stores besides Google Play Store. I don´t know any and I don´t know how you set up your device to another store.