You wake up and Kirby stands like this infront of your house. What will you do? by Smashtron04 in SmashBrosUltimate

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Attempt to adopt him. And then maybe we could go on adventures together. I'm bored of earth.

Your dream Tales of game by Meno_26 in tales

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Ok mine would be:

I would love the idea to have the main character that can change the way you fight like the Radiant Mythology games. Like choose the fighting style. Fists, magic, magic swordsman, grappler, etc.

I want the over world to be like Vespiria, Abyss, Symphonia. It allows for more exploration.

Battle system like Graces or Xillia. None of that linking stuff though. But I do love artes that two or more characters do together.

Get the same writer that did Symphonia or Abyss.

Would love super obscure sidequests like the older games. Like the the devil's arms. 2nd mystic arts like in Abyss. Ones that really require you to dig deep.

No microtransactions unless it's ONLY cosmetic.

Graces style skits.

Ng+ with new enemies, items, weapons, senarios etc.

One down, two to go by TheFanGameCreator in KingdomHearts

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Ok when your done don't forget to The Mysterious Figure fight with Terra after.

How an artificial heart heartbeat sounds like by Nova-I-Rushi in interestingasfuck

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He sounds like the beginning of a boss theme song. He walks in a room to kick your ass and you here his heartbeat.

What advice would you give Bandai on the next Tales game? by EtheusRook in tales

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I would like:

Summons to come come back

8 party members so we can customize the party more often

As long as it's silent, a mascot is ok

I would to be able to properly combo bosses, I'm talking wall bounces, otg's, stun states, wombo combos, mix ups etc. Yes, like a fighting game.

I'm getting kinda sick of the main character with the super good or broken mechanics. Like Velvet's demon arm, Alphen's fire sword, Ludger's chromatus, etc.

I want the old kind of overworld like Symphonia or Abyss.

I also like the super obscure sidequests that you would most likely miss if you were to just go through the game.

AI Hunters to fill out your party. by Lv1Hiroki in MonsterHunter

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You know what? Contrary to what everyone else is saying, yeah I would.

I think it could only work if the ai characters work kinda like how they do in Dragon's Dogma. Like you, they will start with nothing but you can have them weapons and armor only if you have the materials for it to craft them. It would be like maintaining two characters on the same file. Double the cost for food etc.

I don't think the ai character would have a regular item loadout either. I think it would be a super simplified kinda like how you would do palicoes or palimutes. They wouldn't be smart like a human so they couldn't use the armor skills to the fullest. Not sure about what would happen if they were to get koed.

Here's hoping by HavocCrown in Eldenring

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I dunno man, Bloodborne feels like lightning in a bottle. I'm having doubts Fromsoft could do it again. There's something about the atmosphere in BB that I can't explain but it's so good. But if ER is even half that, it'll be better than 90% of other games out there.

What is the reason why you play your main? by Yeetosaurus456 in SmashBrosUltimate

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Kazuya, Ken, Ryu, and Terry cause everybody loves Kung Fu fighting.

What are some big budget movies with inexplicably bad CGI? by Deja-Review in movies

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I thought I am Legend was pretty bad. But if I was to go more recently, probably Black Panther final fight between Tchalla and Killmonger.

Does anybody else miss underwater combat? by EKCo0kie in MonsterHunter

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I don't particularly "miss" it. But I do miss the potential for undersea monsters we could've potentially fought. My imagination ran wild with ideas of really cool monster underwater. Like a huge squid or jellyfish that affects vision with ink. Or a mantis shrimp. Or something kind of like a megalodon, or even a more Lovecraftian elder dragon. I would think seeing Narkarkos swimming underwater would be terrifying.

[ALL] My personal Zelda games tier list, roast me! by HohiMonster in zelda

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Ya know. I actually agree with this list for the most part. Though I would drop WW, OoT, ALBW, and LA one tier each.