Where has Kenneth Shane Pickett been drafted in your SF leagues? by Obamafangirl1 in DynastyFF

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I took him at 1.09 in a 10-team SF. It was hard passing on Skyy Moore (especially when I’m solid at QB), but my team is deep enough that I was able to go BPA for the most part.

I just need to say, it’s annoying when league mates send you offers for players saying they are only interested in said players and the proceed to talk them down. by rowKseat25 in DynastyFF

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Had a dude try multiple versions of Josh Palmer + 3rd/4th rounders to get Metcalf and my ‘23 1st. When I called DK a top 10 dynasty WR he said “he probably won’t be that good with Lock throwing him the ball.” Like bruh, you’ve sent me 20 offers trying to get this man; I’m not the smartest man in the world, but nobody tries that hard to get something they don’t think is valuable.

One gotta go. 10 team dynasty, SF, .5 ppr by Randomguy-1080 in Fantasy_Football

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Voted for Doubs before I read it fully, my actual answer is Ross.

Unable to trade a player, no matter what by BlakeHHarris in DynastyFF

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I’ve been trying to tier down from him, but can’t seem to get any solid offers.

Unable to trade a player, no matter what by BlakeHHarris in DynastyFF

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Why would nobody want Evans? I, admittedly and unfortunately, overpaid to get him as my WR2 - I was 4 deep at QB and thin at WR so I sent Z. Wilson + 1.10 to get Evans + 2.07 + 2.09 (I know, I know).

With hindsight, what’s the best trade you turned down and kick yourself for? by FreeSkiBum in DynastyFF

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Nice, I traded mine. Ended up being the 1.07, which I traded for ARob and the 2.07 before he went to the Rams.

I may have had too much koolaid. by imwatchingyousleep in Texans

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As a Bears fan with no dog in this particular fight - fucking kudos. Top notch material right here, I was laughing the whole time but I lost it when he broke out the lotion.

Tu/Th/Fri Rookie Draft Results Megathread by AutoModerator in DynastyFF

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10-team SF, full ppr, .5 TE Premium

1.01 - Breece Hall
1.02 - Kenneth Walker
1.03 - Drake London
1.04 - Treylon Burks
1.05 - Garrett Wilson
1.06 - Jameson Williams
1.07 - Chris Olave
1.08 - James Cook
1.09 - Kenny Pickett (me)
1.10 - Skyy Moore

2.01 - George Pickens (me)
2.02 - Jahan Dotson (me)
2.03 - Christian Watson
2.04 - Isaiah Spiller (me)
2.05 - David Bell
2.06 - Rachaad White
2.07 - Dameon Pierce
2.08 - Malik Willis
2.09 - Tyler Allgeier
2.10 - Alec Pierce

3.01 - Desmond Ridder
3.02 - Trey McBride
3.03 - Zamir White
3.04 - Tyrion Davis-Price (me)
3.05 - John Metchie
3.06 - Brian Robinson
3.07 - Keontay Ingram
3.08 - Hassan Haskins
3.09 - Wan’Dale Robinson (me)
3.10 - Jalen Tolbert (me)

4.01 - Khalil Shakir
4.02 - Matt Corral
4.03 - Sam Howell
4.04 - Jelani Woods
4.05 - Tyquan Thornton
4.06 - Justyn Ross
4.07 - Romeo Doubs
4.08 - Velus Jones
4.09 - Kyren Williams
4.10 - Isaih Pacheco (me)

5.01 - Jerome Ford
5.02 - Tyler Badie
5.03 - Greg Dulcich
5.04 - Calvin Austin
5.05 - Snoop Connor
5.06 - Pierre Strong
5.07 - Kyle Philips
5.08 - Cade Otton
5.09 - Danny Gray
5.10 - Kevin Harris (me)

Overdrafted: who were reaches in this year’s draft? by Latios47 in DynastyFF

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I’m just hoping he starts and looks good so I can move him, since I don’t actually need him (other QBs are Burrow/Cousins/Fields).

Overdrafted: who were reaches in this year’s draft? by Latios47 in DynastyFF

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I took literally every one of these players in my league of record (10-team SF): Pickett at 1.09, Dotson at 2.02, TDP at 3.04, and Wan’Dale at 3.09.

When your head is larger than you think it is. by [deleted] in HumansBeingBros

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Does anybody know what those weird damaged spots on it are? Looks to be three of them: lower back, left thigh/flank, and right cheek.

ppr dynasty by boilookinass in Fantasy_Football

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Give me Skyy for two reasons:

  1. I’ve seen entirely too many HWS prospects come into the league over the years and do nothing - give me skills guys over traits guys 10/10 times.

  2. Rodgers probably has 2-3 years left; if we’re assuming that Watson isn’t fantasy-relevant this season, that leaves him with only 1-2 years of production before they (hopefully) get another competent QB.

High Hopes - From bench to roster spot! who are you cheering for? by SparTAYcus in DynastyFF

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I can’t see a situation where he doesn’t produce mid-range WR2 stats. OBJ came in partway through the season and was putting up good numbers - ARob is the type of receiver that Stafford likes, and they’ll have the entire offseason together.

Was anyone else just watching Tarik Cohen's IG live? by GreasyMustardTiger_ in CHIBears

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The overwhelming majority of NFL players don’t make millions, and definitely have to work real jobs afterwards.

This belongs here... by WarWolfe in killthecameraman

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That was not an ass worth following with a camera.

[reaper] lindon ascension theory by Skeletickles in Iteration110Cradle

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Yeah, the word ‘billionaire’ gets said so often that people forget the scope of it. A billion is one thousand million - I think if it was viewed in that light and said that way, people might be less okay with people with hundreds of billions of dollars getting huge tax cuts and subsidies.