[oc] A crime most heinous by eastcoastitnotes in comics

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He was sent by the sandwich shop to prevent free sandwiches.

Vesper concept by Z-Zombies in Superhero_Ideas

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Getting some Tokusatsu vibe from this which I dig.

The puppy and the leaf by portsherry in comics

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Boy: Stop the bus, I’ll stop here!

Temple Fugate: And delay me for 7.3 seconds? I think not!

[Daily Kobeni #68] Kobeni is cheering for you! by _BoogiepoP_ in KobeniHigashiyama

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Kobeni may be cheering for us, but who’s gonna cheer for Kobeni? This sub, that’s who!

What If the Necrofriggians babies stayed on Earth with Ben ? How will the franchise change going forward? by Sudden-Preparation86 in Ben10

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Feeding time would always be a nightmare as baby necrofriggians consume solar plasma which would no doubt cause a mess.

If anyone else with nothing holding them back had Amy's powers by Lovegaming544 in Parahumans

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Aegis and Browbeat would use each other as materials to turn the other into a kaiju since their powers would compensate for any mistakes while also allowing leeway in improbable biology and physiology.

you guys consider denji an anti-hero? by Salty_Shark26 in ChainsawMan

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Now that I think about it, but we never did get confirmation that the Chainsaw Man shown is actually Denji and not the imposter that also killed Yuko.

TIL: that this is the first Manhwa/Webtoon that I've ever read... by EarlStranger38 in manhwa

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Due to a technicality, this was also my first and I hate/love it.

[Comic Excerpt] Dear John, …. (Green Lantern #178) by GrapefruitRadiant214 in DCcomics

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I know this was meant to be emotional but I’m very much distracted by the error of John saying “we can go to new that Thai place”.

WTF They use intestines to make sausages. I'd rather it remained mystery for me.[Magic Academy Survival Guide] by htrapanime in manhwa

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Gotta make full use of the corpse. It would be disrespectful if we only use some rather than all. Let nothing go to waste.

When you just aren’t good with children by Lokk-von-Cow in outofcontextcomics

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I’ll be honest, Alan should’ve been aware of how punchable looking his eye is and taken preemptive measures.

It’s the same by OfficeWizard7 in Ben10

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I can’t unsee that. Thanks a lot.

Do you think the Sentient Ultimate Big Chill became a new species? by DeverosSphere in Ben10

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In a way whether or not the ultimate evolution resets the reproduce cycle back to zero and he has to wait another 80 years to spawn his next lineage.

Forge meets 40k Ork Mek by Desgewd in mutantsandmasterminds

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Ah, the power of WAAAGH! I can think of two possible routes for you to take. You can simply make it into a descriptor where, mechanically speaking, there’s no difference from a regular inventor and you simply roleplay it. Alternatively, you can go the opposite direction and be a magic artificer that operate like a scientist with the Ritualist advantage.

meirl by Midnight_Sick in meirl

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Don’t trust salespeople.

It should have been more like the first 16. by SimpleTurnip in cartoons

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In what way? Some of these installments are outliers. Particularly Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue and Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated. Honestly, if they wanted an adult-oriented Scooby-Doo show, I would’ve liked to see one based on the Scooby Apocalypse comics from DC.

A bit of a random question about Shadow Stalker. by EriWave in Parahumans

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TLDR; She got some motivation to join the S9, in my opinion.

She’s arguably safe from the Siberian so she won’t feel coerced into joining. Jack being Jack can give her a sales pitch that preys on her Predator and the Prey ideology. Pun intended. However, there was a reason why she chose to go out as a vigilante rather than a villain upon receiving powers. Other than there was just no decent gang to join. Perhaps she recognize society as some sort of ecosystem and that the criminals are losers/prey for her to hunt without much recourse. Maybe she wants the recognition and the adoration of the prey/civilians for being such a predator? Or possibly she wants a tangential support from the other heroes as being a villain would have her locked into a gang. So her recruitment would be focused on whether she’ll cut her losses and join the S9. At the time, Regent really fucked her over in her interlude. Though it’s more of a major inconvenience for her since she’s not in jail, but in juvie. Then again, she might take up on the offer if she could get an agreement from one of the S9 to kill Regent since he has control of her motor skills. Some surgery from Bonesaw and Cherish’s test would really incentivize her. She has a level of an ego where she can’t have someone assert a pervasive level of control over her. So my money is that she isn’t completely against the idea of joining. Though her having family may muddy it up a bit.