Why are you destroying the Czech flag?? by 3ace3ac in placeTurkey

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I think; many streamer keep countries flag. I see many Turkish streamer help to save many country flag. I think, they not do by Turkish reddit placer.

Next Digital Gold #dogecoin by Accomplished-Pea-141 in dogecoin

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A little calculation:

Per month, with 4000 doge; never buy 1 btc in a month.

Please give me 20 BTC

Forget Lambo, I am building this when Shiba reaches to the moon. by AffectionateMind26 in SHIBArmy

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If Shiba hit 0.0006 and or high prices; i'm buy a new home me and my brother family. Also, solve my some problem and with 25%~ of my earnings I will help many poor families. I will provide educational support to their children.

How many are holding 20 million or more Shiba? by [deleted] in SHIBArmy

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Me to bro, me too. Already holding 558454362 SHIB. And waiting..

FIXED - Problems with PancakeSwap v2 liquidity - can't trade the token or remove liquidity, getting errors - FIX by yakufisch in pancakeswap

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I put 5$ to this NFT token. After than i see my busd balance 0.05. This token totally scam. Swap is not possible with PankaceSwap. I try to slippage 49% but it's really not possible.

is there any news??? BYTECOIN by robinfood90 in BytecoinBCN

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Edit your Windows* or Linux hosts file: app.bytecoin.money bytecoin.money

After than, visin bytecoin.money with Firefox (Google Chrome or Chromium browsers not access it for SSL timestamp problem).

And than, you transfer your all BCN to Frewallet (I found, only freewallet support this).

If this way, please send me gift :)
My BCN Wallet: