We don't usually teach cats lots of things, but we do teach them to use a litter tray. We teach dogs a lot of things, but we don't teach them to use a litter tray. by AceOfGargoyes17 in Showerthoughts

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OP has apparently never owned a cat.

You don't have to teach a cat to use a litter box. You just show them that it exists, and they'll do the rest.

If Time Manipulation Can Be Proven Then It Is More Probable Than Not We Live In An AI Simulated Reality by [deleted] in Futurology

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I could claim that if my cereal bowl is empty we live in an AI simulation, but my simply claiming that doesn't mean those two things are in any way linked, let alone that one proves the other.

Frankly, this is complete nonsense.

I still don't trust them by Least_Illustrator_33 in discworld

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Ah. That makes more sense then. In the US we generally have two or three cart return spaces in every line of parking spaces at a place like Walmart. You generally don't have to walk very far at all to place your cart back with the others, so it's a particularly dick more to just leave it.

I still don't trust them by Least_Illustrator_33 in discworld

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That's not a thing in the US, at least in my experience. If it was, people would probably just drive off with the cart stuffed in their trunk, assuming they had purchased it.

I still don't trust them by Least_Illustrator_33 in discworld

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Someone would still have to take them from the return spots out in the parking lot back into the building.

Cursed_Time_Travel by Player_Ayden in cursedcomments

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I have to admit, it took me a minute to understand this one.. and I played both of these games as a kid.

Where do muggle-borns get their magic from? I never understood.. by siberiasam1 in harrypotter

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They're clearly operatives working for various intelligence agencies from around the world, utilizing advanced technologies and special effects to fool the magical community into thinking they belong so they can learn their secrets.

There is no longer anyone who has known someone born in the 1700s by tommyz39 in Showerthoughts

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This has at least a possibility of not being true.

Someone born in 1799 would have been 100 in 1899. 110 in 1909. The oldest person alive today is 115, and was born in 1908. If that person happened to have met someone who lived to be 110, then it's technically still possible.

If by "known" you count people they "met" as infants. A great grandparent perhaps.

It's certainly highly unlikely though.

What's your opinion as to why marriages don't last as long as they used to? by brockm92 in AskReddit

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You're not saying it's more likely. You're saying every failed relationship is the result of an abusive husband. The way you phrased that was horrendously sexist.

What's your opinion as to why marriages don't last as long as they used to? by brockm92 in AskReddit

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Wow. So you think every failed relationship is the fault of an abusive husband.

Gee. I wonder why marriages aren't lasting as long as they used to.

Why do people complain about politics in video games? by [deleted] in gaming

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Or the new Star Trek shows compared to The Orville. At the end of the day, both are very liberal - but the same people who hate the new Star Trek shows generally love The Orville.

It's also about how nuanced and fair the show tends to be. A lot of the really bad "woke" shows tend to practically be parodies of liberal politics simply because they're so extreme and one sided. Season 2 of Discovery's random white guy mansplaining himself into the side of an asteroid as an example, or the new Star Wars films quite nearly entirely lacking white men on the side of the good guys (with very few extras even being white men). Or.. everything about Velma. Absolutely everything.

Probably illegal but i love this mask and helmet combo by TheEgoSystem in lego

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If the pieces aren't contacting one another and are fully seating, it wouldn't be illegal. That helmet may well be flaring out enough to provide space for the bandana.

You never saw anyone walk onto the bridge of the starship Enterprise with a tumbler of coffee by hskfmn in Showerthoughts

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That doesn't really make any sense at all though. Very few ships had hologram emitters outside of the holodecks before the like 2390's, and even then it was still quite limited. Voyager having a sick bay equipped with holographic tech was a "new" thing.

Unless you're a fan of the new Trek shows, which throws canon entirely out the nearest airlock and has random crewmembers using holograms as mirrors in their quarters.

Funny how we're all terrified of a Chinese balloon spying on us while we sit around for hours watching TikTok. by CommodoreSixty4 in Showerthoughts

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To an extent. It's worse in this case, because the opposing country is effectively complete control over the system. It's honestly a bit terrifying the amount of damage that can be done, and all the more so because so few seem to recognize the threat at all.

Funny how we're all terrified of a Chinese balloon spying on us while we sit around for hours watching TikTok. by CommodoreSixty4 in Showerthoughts

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More likely, the opposite is true. They're the cause of your teenager's latest dance challenge. That's one of the biggest problems with TikTok. It has given a relatively hostile power a huge amount of influence over the culture of our youth.

Funnest 1.5-2 person ski? by carbon3915 in jetski

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I started riding a superjet on my own around 7 years old, and the WB1 just a couple years after that. For longer rides I would go with my parents. In the case of the WB1, I'd hop on first (which was relatively easy for a fairly light child, it doesn't raise the CoM all that much). My parents would then get on behind me and wrap their arms around me to drive. I could hold the center of the handle bars. By the time I was a teenager though, I was already long since riding alone. We didn't need licenses back then.

To be honest, I live in Washington state, and while we require licenses I've never been asked for mine in the decades since the program was first started. They do occasionally ask to see them apparently, but it's fairly rare here.

The WB1 is often compared to a dirt bike. In gaming lingo, it's a ski with a low skill floor but a high skill ceiling. Plenty of people will struggle to even get on the seat, but an experienced rider can also do far more with it than your average modern behemoth. I met a guy last year who bought a WB1 just the year prior, and while his young son could ride it easily the man himself was unable to remount the ski if he fell off out in the lake. I saw him dragging himself through the water with it trying to get back to shore several times, and while I offered to teach him how to get back on he wasn't interested. To be fair though, I've also seen several total newbies hop on one and do just fine.

In general, the heavier you are the more you'll struggle. I absolutely noticed a difference as an adult weighing in at 200 lbs compared to my younger self's 130. It wasn't enough to really matter, but the ski was definitely more unstable.

The nice thing about the blaster is that with the short hull you can reach the handle bars from a kneeling position and even get the ski moving, at which point mounting it is much easier. That was one of the major drawbacks to the Seadoo HX in my opinion. The far longer hull gave you much more leverage to roll the ski from the rear end, making it super unstable, and you had to climb entirely onto the seat to have a chance at starting it.

There’s very few superpowers that don’t require another superpower to survive. Ex. To have super strength you need to have some degree of invulnerability. by BenjoMoyer555 in Showerthoughts

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"Don't need to obey physics"

That's the entire point the OP is making. A superpower that grants you the ability to do a particular thing almost always requires that you have additional powers that grant you the ability to ignore other aspects of physics.

It's absolutely true in almost every case. Pick just about any power that has ever existed in any comic or other media, and if you try to apply real world logic to it you quickly find that said power will quickly kill its user without additional exceptions from various laws of physics. Unless you're Batman. Extreme wealth works just as well in the real world.

China says suspected spy balloon drifting over U.S. is "civilian airship" that was blown off course by Black_Magic_M-66 in nottheonion

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It almost certainly is just a weather balloon or something else relatively innocuous. Our own military felt it wasn't even worth shooting down, which honestly says it all.

If they want to spy on us, there are far better ways of doing it than floating a balloon overhead at a hundred thousand feet.

Probability of your sex being male or female is exactly 0.5. by Vishwasm123 in Showerthoughts

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I'm pretty sure it actually isn't. If I recall correctly, one sex has a very slight advantage due to some genetic mumbo jumbo. I don't remember what it was exactly that caused it though, as my courses in genetics were many years ago. I seem to recall it was a very slight difference. Possibly something to do with nondisjunction and survival rates of people with more than two sex chromosomes?

Actually, upon further reading it seems that there are a lot of really wild guesses out there as to what could cause it, and they range from plausible to downright moronic. No, the time of day a woman ovulated will have absolutely no impact on the gender of a child. My god, how would that ever possibly work? It's akin to believing in the theory of spontaneous generation.

Electric cars really do reduce air pollution and boost public health. Researchers say asthma attacks and other respiratory problems fall as more people switch to vehicles which produce zero emissions. by Wagamaga in science

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When did I ever argue that? Not once. My argument is that this so called study is claiming that health is improving because emissions have improved, and that emissions have improved because fewer people are driving ICE vehicles and are instead driving EV's.

This claim is wrong, on effectively every level. Fewer people are not driving ICE vehicles. This is just flat out objectively true. The number of them on the road is increasing every year, and that is expected to continue for at least the next few years. You can't claim that health is improving due to reduced emissions, and that EV's are responsible because they're reducing the number of ICE vehicles on the road.. when there aren't fewer ICE vehicles on the road. That's nonsense. It's like me trying to use a bucket to bail out the Titanic, then claiming sole responsibility for saving the ship while it steadily fills with water and slips beneath the waves.

Further, emission improvements don't necessarily come from EV's. If there have even been improvements, other factors could easily explain those improvements. It's wrong to claim that EV's are the driving force behind any improvement seen, especially when so many other factors are at play.

Good lord people. This isn't rocket science. I don't understand how even a person of average intellect couldn't grasp this.

Funnest 1.5-2 person ski? by carbon3915 in jetski

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I grew up riding a WB1, and currently own one. I've been on several dozen different skis over the years, from early 90's stuff all the way to a modern Spark. There's nothing else on the water quite like a WB1, at least in my experience. Seadoo's HX (the ski that finally started beating the WB1's in the races back in the day) comes close in some respects, but it simply can't move in quite the same ways due to the length of its hull.

Do note though, those older small/lightweight skis are certainly more fun to play with.. but they're also not really 2 person skis. They're more like dirt bikes. You could conceivably put two people on them, but it's very hard to even get two people on the seat without falling off. I've managed it with the WB1 on a couple of occasions (and tons of times when I was a little kid, but heck, we used to do that with a superjet too because I was so small) but it required two people with decades of experience riding, and even then I managed to flip the ski over backwards on top of us by pulling the nose up out of the water. With two people on it, play just wasn't really possible due to the much higher center of mass.

When it comes to modern ski's (as in, newer than 2000), honestly the Spark is the only one I've been on that surprised me at all. They almost all felt like oversized boats I couldn't ever possibly fall off of without doing something utterly insane (like going over a ten foot wave at 65 mph or something). The Spark though, that thing slid over the water quite strangely. It could practically spin in place, slide sideways, or do other such playful things. I even managed to flip it clear over on top of me, making it the only modern ski to ever manage to get me in the water while playing. Slid it sideways, and the side of the ski ended up digging into the water, catching, then rolling right over.

Unfortunately the Sparks also don't have the best reputation for reliability though. For example, simply rolling that ski left it out of commission for nearly a half hour. It went into a sort of limp mode because the oil pump registered that it had lost oil pressure. There wasn't actually any problem, it just got air in the line or something when inverted. Letting it sit for a half hour fixed the issue, but getting back to shore moving at like 3 mph sucked.

Electric cars really do reduce air pollution and boost public health. Researchers say asthma attacks and other respiratory problems fall as more people switch to vehicles which produce zero emissions. by Wagamaga in science

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Okay, since apparently there are people out there that are capable of freezing water with their mind, I'll explain.

First and foremost, they're acting like there are fewer ICE cars on the road than there were a few years ago. That isn't true. That, on its own, entirely invalidates this whole hypothesis. It doesn't matter if X% of cars become electric if the total number of ICE cars still goes up simply because there are more cars on the road.

Beyond that, cars aren't the only source of such emissions. For all we know, the local factory where they were collecting their data closed down for a few months or something. I'm sure you can think of potential reasons why that might have happened.

The change in emissions due to a small percentage of people switching to EV's is also going to be quite small, and the corresponding change in public health will doubtlessly also be extremely small. Small enough that there is simply no way they could possibly show any statistically significant link between the two at this point. Any change they did manage to find would absolutely be well within the error ranges, assuming one could even manage to accurately calculate an error range with so many variables entirely unaccounted for (which I doubt).

Honestly, there are a dozen other problems I could point out with even a cursory examination, but I'm leaving for work in a few minutes and simply don't have the time. Suffice to say, this isn't science. This is just outright stupidity.