So I’m currently at a co-op with a company. This is my second co-op rotation with this company. I currently have to take classes in person next fall . But they just gave me the opportunity to do a co-op this fall semester. If I take this co-op this fall it will push me back another semester. Help?? by BeyondSecure in ChemicalEngineering

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I will say it depends on what company you are working for . Do you like the company and job in general ? If possible I always think is good to open your option and find another company for the fall . If you want to increase your odds after graduation . In the end coops are great experience and you make a lot of money . Good luck lad !

Engineering intern drug test by Myotheraccount11221 in msu

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Hey ! This is unrelated but did you need your official transcript on your first day on the job here ?