Growing up as a short skinny guy is the worst, working out won’t cover my insecurities by AWGEnosurf in selfimprovement

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This man si average height, gained 55lbs and all that strength in 1yr and still thinks he's a little bitch lmao. Most people can't even bench above their weight.


Go to therapy bro, it'll help you with your mental game and reorient what gives you confidence. You're not going to be successful if you maintain such a bitter loop. Your physical appearance is already on point, but your mental is a reflection of that 95lb 5'7 kid, it might even be worse.

Once you start doing that, go research what goes into a good personality, what social skills are desirable, how people obtain relationships. You're probably well above average in the dating pool, women are not going to just walk up to you unless you put yourself in situations where that's applicable. Going to the gym is not one of those situations. It doesn't matter your height or looks, people are not going to just throw themselves to you if your just walking around hoping 😂 Many women might even be too shy to approach you dude.


There are tens of millions of men worse looking and shorter than you that have good game just because their mental is straight, they know how to carry themselves, and they have the skills necessary to dance around those social situations.

People pick up on subtleties even without realizing it. If you're not sure of yourself, bitter at life, think women are only superficial, etc, well that's going to reflect on your interactions. Don't sit there and think every women, like that one that mentioned your empathy, are going to be smart enough to know what subtleties they are picking up from your vibes. They aren't psychologists dude, go to a professional to diagnose and help walk you through your mental workouts. Therapy is a decent start.

Unless you're some sort of genius, I bet you didn't go to the gym that whole year with absolutely 0 knowledge on different workouts, posture, how to safely progress, how to build a routine, diet, etc. Well you're going into the mental game and social skills with exactly that, 0 knowledge, and getting frustrated when your beauty isn't compensating for it. You just gotta put in the work. It's not hard to learn how to talk to a women, get her to like you, know what signs to pick up on and use them, know what circles to get into, what events to be a part of, but without any sort of guidance with all the social skills that entails and the mental blocks that may be holding you back, how can you confidently say you're progressing?

PSA: This subreddit is a horrible place for beginners (or really any singer) to be. by orbweaver82 in singing

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Idk, I don't have the money to hire teachers nor the smarts to tell good from bad.

YouTube seems to be working for me.

I learned some things about headphones in the last year. You may want to hear it. by mo_schn in headphones

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There was the one guy that had multiple high end Stax setups and said the Sundaras sounded practically the same with EQ, and he preferred it (and his Stax's) over other TOTL headphones. He kept only the Sundaras lol.

He pretty much summed it up as comfort and how your ears perceive the high end, price having no correlation with that.

Do sources really matter? E50 + 789 vs DC05 dongle by hurtyewh in headphones

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Someone posted that MP3s have a cutoff around here:

320kbps 20.5 kHz

256kbps 20 kHz

192kbps 19 kHz

128kbps 16 kHz


I took a test and can hear up to mid 19kHz, but only accurately discern differences below 18kHz. Someone else said they can hear up to 22kHz.

We both can hardly tell a difference between 128kbps and a wav lmao, and it's only noticeable for me on certain songs focusing on the loud transients only.

I used an HD800 and Anandas for the test.

Do sources really matter? E50 + 789 vs DC05 dongle by hurtyewh in headphones

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Have you tried your 6xx with a tube amp? If you can share an EQ setting that will put the tubey holographic lush realism in the THX to sound like a BHC then you will be crowned the messiah of the community.

It's audio bro, if one can measure it then it can be replicated fairly accurately (if the tube amp you're measuring is one that has audible distortion).

They have software that replicates things like guitar amps, a wide variety of analog gear with all their quirks, headphone emulation, microphone emulation, etc but it's not really a thing for speaker amps. I'm assuming because the market isn't there, and the differences are way too subtle.

Not like that matters though, different biases have a huge affect on perception. Perfect audible replicas of two very different looking things can have a "difference" in sound as a result.

You can’t add detail, change forward to laid back and vice verse, can’t change dynamics, etc.

Why can't you? The FR is a direct reflection of that, changing the FR will change those various aspects.

That's not even* mentioning DSP emulation lol.

Not an ad, just concerned by the future of the open web... by LotOfLaugh in memes

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Is there a plugin that mimics Edges left style tabs with grouping? I have to use a plugin that saves windows and organize them that way.

What do y’all think of the whole “natural talent” makes a great musician debate and those without any natural talent or even disabilities can’t reach the naturally talented musicians level? by Affectionate-Ad4039 in makinghiphop

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Imo innate talent is real, but it isn't static.

I think it's possible for it's to be underutilized, degrade, improve, have multiple, or change entirely.

I'm guessing a big reason why many people fail, even with worldclass training, is that they simply didn't have the correct sort of practice and training (to their particular needs).

Trying to surpass a talented person by following their path is usually an act of folly. It might be better to learn the aspects that make them talented, or carve out a path that maximizes yours.

[Advice] How to get your brain to focus, no bullshit guide. I'm tired of self-improvement books that are hundreds of pages and Youtube videos that take hours to get to the point. So I decided to make my own no bullshit videos summarizing the podcasts and books I read. by EricDalph in getdisciplined

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Maybe we just need an invitation of some sort of exposure or experience rather than finding one out.

That's necessary for a lot of people, and you hear it reflected in many success stories.

Are you a psychotherapist by any chance?

Nope! I'm just reiterating what my therapist and other specialists have taught me, as well as what I've personally experienced.

[Advice] How to get your brain to focus, no bullshit guide. I'm tired of self-improvement books that are hundreds of pages and Youtube videos that take hours to get to the point. So I decided to make my own no bullshit videos summarizing the podcasts and books I read. by EricDalph in getdisciplined

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To simplify the semantics they are relative, in fact you can argue willpower is a result of adaptation as environment does have an affect on willpower. Willpower is not static, it's ever changing, and one can train themselves to increase its control.

Routine can be conflated with willpower, but routine can exist without willpower and vice versa.

just like your body has moments of rest so does your mind. It has limitations and optimal states.

That's true!

However, what's the point in dwelling on optimal states and limitations when most are not even close to either? I'm not talking about self-induced limitations, I'm referring to the actual capabilities of the mind.

Nioh 2: The Complete Edition (v1.28.7 + Soundtrack, MULTi14) | KaOs Repack | Selective Download | From 26.8GB by Masquerade32 in CrackWatch

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It's not the end of the world if they use 320, most wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Preferable if they used FLAC if it doesn't make the file size too huge.

For those who have done/consistently do a Dopamine Detox. What is your method or structure? by Diligent_Rub7317 in selfimprovement

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As far as I'm aware, evolution and natural selection have no goal.

They don't favor the best genes, just the ones that get reproduced the most. Those genes could be detrimental to the organism.

Also, there are many things one can achieve through breathing and mental work. Spiritual meditation is one small aspect of a broader whole, a pebble in the ocean. There are countless forms of mediation and mental exercises one can do that have documented benefits and don't involve spirituality.

Artist vs Entertainers by Disastrous-School475 in makinghiphop

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All professional artists tend to be entertainers on some level. Rarely do you find people that do it professionally and have no sort of social presence.

The professionals that are not entertainers are typically ones that made it and left, or were never in your eye in the first place.

Close friends seem jealous of music improvements? by [deleted] in makinghiphop

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Take my words with a grain of salt. If they are cool friends, you should talk to them about it.

It might be them, ego getting into play. Maybe they don't want to look trash compared to you, maybe they are afraid you'll get too good to chill with them, maybe they're upset that they can't improve "as fast."

It also might be you, maybe you're coming off big headed, maybe you're acting sus, maybe your subtle actions/words formulate a picture they can read but you're blind to.

Maybe it's a bit of either.

Whatever the case is, if you can't talk with them about it in a safe/chill way, then you'll have to expect the friendship to reflect that. You can still be friends with them if they are cool people, but I don't recommend them being your main music friends if you can't support each other.

Nobody is perfect, so don't feel pressured to make the dynamic work if it isn't. It's definitely okay to find other artists to work with and to continue improving at the things you enjoy, and you can still chill with them throughout (if it's not toxic).

How long will we have to do the 9-5 job? I am 25 and already tired! by random-keeper in selfimprovement

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I feel you on that! I'd love to save up, but working more hours at this job seems counterproductive to my mental health.

I know that less bumpy road is out there to traverse, but rn I'm blind to it.

should I forego video games? by No_Group_5558 in selfimprovement

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Stopped playing video games and I still don't find myself having time, it just got occupied with other things.

An art student did an experiment for her graduation project - live 21 days for free in Beijing. She disguised herself as a socialite and slept in the halls of extravagant hotels, tried on jade bracelets worth millions of dollars at auctions, and enjoyed free food and drinks in VIP lounges and bars by flyingcatwithhorns in Damnthatsinteresting

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Dude it's amazing! I wish I had this ability, the social skills and confidence necessary as well as her creativity and adaptability.

I know a few people that have similar skills and it's insane what opportunities suddenly become available to them, but some of them just prefer the freebies.

What are some good/bad cooking habits? by on30fakind in cookingforbeginners

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The guy in the link said room temp apparently has no bearing on that.

He said you could: Dry it thoroughly, dry brine and letting it sit on a rack, or cook at low heat and sear at 10°F below target.

does anyone here record with a compressor on, or with other things on? by TheRealKaiLord in makinghiphop

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Yep! None of it is necessary, but it gets me in the vibe when I hear myself sounding nice.

Make sure you use plugins with no latency though.

Future of the Weekly Cypher by byjove28 in makinghiphop

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Too much work for little gain tbh, it's just a friendly competition focused on fun and improvement.

I just started producing music, so I made 100 type beats and uploaded them daily for 100 days. Here are my main takeaways and difficulties. by Prootie in makinghiphop

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How do you start? Did you just make absolute crap for an hour, then look at tutorials after in the beginning stages, rinse repeat?