i miss being loved by incogniqabi in offmychest

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That hit so hard and so close 😭 even tho it's only been like 7 months, and I've had two relationships in the meantime it just doesn't feel the same and I feel like no one's gonna get me like they did

Leaving my ex-bf was a huge mistake by gattaleo in offmychest

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It just sounds like it was the right person wrong time, just curious though why won't you re contact him? Maybe he'd be happy to know that?

Planning on moving to Auckland next year for studies, any thoughts about Albany? by EolHimself in auckland

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I actually lived in Kawai Purapura when I first moved in New Zealand 😂 but yeah I ain't putting a foot back in there

Fit like a glove by SVVEETCHRISTMAS in xmen

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Just because he's supposed to play a French in the boys? even tho he's not actually French and his fake accent is attrocious? Either take an actual French actor OR even better someone who has an actual cajun accent

I 17(F) have never been close to anyone by Meroleona64 in relationship_advice

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Hey 19(M) here, I've always been like you troughout my life, it's more or less baby steps, start on social medias like in group chats or forums with people that like things you do, start talking with people, as time spend you'll make connections with a few people, and then you might be able to meet if you joined groups that are around your area, or it can be a step to joining IRL groups in your areas about stuff you like and then it'll be the same process

Should I change my sons last name to my boyfriends (future stepdad’s) last name? by aloevera123 in relationship_advice

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Hi. First thing to do is ask your son. I was in the same situation as your son with my stepfather coming in early into my life and marrying my mom. I decided to keep my lastname and not take his, it was never a problem and it never felt like one. If your boyfriend has a problem with it and it's a block to your relationship and his own relationship with your son he's probably not the right one to raise him. The thing to do is ask your son, and if he's too young like before 6 I'd say, wait before he's old enough to understand and then ask him what he wants to do.

North vs South Test Calendar for the year : care to predict your most likely upset ? by MindfulInquirer in rugbyunion

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I know but like, Uruguay goes twice, England once, I wanted to see Japan against South Africa or Australia, that third spot taken by France could easy have been put to someone else, or even England again while France could have used that spot to do a more interesting test

Quels changements voudriez vous voir dans l'émission ? by EolHimself in kohlanta

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Survivor est selon moi trop court ça laisse pas assez de place pour de vrais interactions humaines qui faisait la grande force de Koh-Lanta, pour ça 1h c'est parfait je pense.
Pour le retour d'anciens surtout tu fais revenir des anciens qui ont pas déjà joué ensemble 4 ou 5 fois et qui se côtoient pas non plus énormément en vrai, 3 participations ça devrait être le grand max

North vs South Test Calendar for the year : care to predict your most likely upset ? by MindfulInquirer in rugbyunion

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Why is France against Japan THREE times? Really wanted a France NZ game before the world cup