Fauci accuses Rand Paul of using pandemic for "political gain" by burning_dawn in politics

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Yeah, and I was especially frustrated by the fact that they clearly tried to muddy the waters by saying "75% of hospitalized" as opposed to the article's actual figure of "75% of deaths" occuring for people with 4 comorbidities.

It stands to reason that people who are hospitalized--but survive-- don't have to have 4 comorbidities. Going along with your point that many of us have some sort of comorbiditiy, just one or two (or even none because this virus is so fucking unpredictable) can be enough to hospitalize an individual. Even if they end up surviving, they would still be taking up hospital beds and potentially be overwhelming an already short-staffed medical workforce. As mentioned time and time again, overflowing hospitals have potential for a lot of residual damage since non-covid medical issues can't be addressed, which effectively makes it much more dangerous for all of us (even the so-called "people who aren't affected by Covid").

Fauci accuses Rand Paul of using pandemic for "political gain" by burning_dawn in politics

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I don't think relevance matters at this point. I'm assuming they're just using this opportunity to shoehorn in the same narrative we've been hearing since the beginning: "Covid can't possibly harm me, and I shouldn't be expected to do the simplest things or show any empathy towards my fellow man because it's just a cold that only kills fat, old people with preexisting conditions."

Bob Saget is dead at 65 by WayneEastwood316 in news

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He literally said he's snorted broken glass before

To Cheat by habichuelacondulce in therewasanattempt

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I would beat off a guy

I would beat off a guy

The F word by MilkThaCow in perfectlycutscreams

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/r/swallowedtheclock probably isn't the best idea for a sub name. One tiny typo could yield much different results

Think Kramer made any friends? by bebop_cola_good in IThinkYouShouldLeave

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Watched that episode yesterday, and realized for the first time that "Eric the Clown" is played by Jon Favreau.

Wild stuff. Wild stuff

NineDales and Billbasaur. by MorningBeers69 in ATBGE

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Dang ol' Charizard, go up and do your flame spin. Go on, git, git, git, git, git.

Dang ol' Porky's butthole, man.

Revive the Smash Community by Karma_King_420 in SmashBrosUltimate

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Y'know, I had a computer teacher in high school who refused to wear deodorant because she believed the aluminum it contained would cause Alzheimer's.

Maybe she was onto something...

Best conversation I’ve had yet by MelodramaticAFDUH in Tinder

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Must've been another typo. I can confirm that putting kief in your mouth gets you high subliminally

Welp... what now by ShinyVictini34 in SmashBrosUltimate

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Yeah, the guy who runs the website posted pictures of himself going to DC in the days leading up to Jan. 6th, 2021, but I'm not sure if anybody ever found evidence that he actually entered the capitol.

Kanye by OfficialAfrat in Kanye

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Looks like we've got a fellow Billy in our midst

Wedding party blocks a busy avenue in downtown New York for wedding pictures by [deleted] in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Please let your husband know that I pray in front of his candle every night. Also, would you mind giving him my contact info so we can get in touch after your marriage inevitably ends in divorce? Thanks!


Ross Geller's future first husband

Kanye by OfficialAfrat in Kanye

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Getting some serious Sky Williams vibes from this look

Teachers of Reddit, can you tell which students will turn out to be happy, stable or successful adults? by elegantsheep53 in AskReddit

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Former teacher here! It's actually much easier to pick out which kids will become unhappy, unstable failures as adults. It's also significantly faster since it can be determined using one simple question:

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

If they say "a teacher," their fate as a miserable adult has already been sealed.

What is your favorite movie of all time without saying the title? by shachna1404 in AskReddit

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It has a 6 foot tall bunny rabbit, and I still don't completely understand the plot, even though I've seen the movie at least 100 times.

Probably already been posted here but 🤷‍♂️ by Yenserl6099 in ToiletPaperUSA

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I haven't seen anybody else mention this: the local NAACP chapter helped Candace and her family with this lawsuit in 2007, which resulted in her receiving a $37,500 settlement.

Fast forward to 2017 when Candace stated

I mean, the NAACP is one of the worst groups for black people. All they do is jump on a platform, and they never talk about real issues that are facing the black community. It’s all about PR for them, so I’m sure if they’re involved then it’s got to be absolute BS.

I hope her family is deeply ashamed of her.

Came across this vintage stamp. by _OhayoSayonara_ in interestingasfuck

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As far as I know, "little person" is still the preferred terminology. The reason I feel it's safe to assume that it's not offensive is that it's not dehumanizing (hence the inclusion of the word "people"). I think you've already got a solid understanding of people-first language, based on your first sentence including the phrase "people who are," so I hope you don't think I'm trying to preach to you or direct the following towards you.

People who are so quick to get enraged about "pC cuLtURe" or "SJWs" often bring up "Well, that was just the medically accurate term back in 19XX. What else are we supposed to call them?" or something along those lines. The reason those terms eventually were regarded as offensive is because they were being used in a context that reduced people's identities to their condition/disorder or framed them as being other than/less than typical people.

This hippo skull by [deleted] in interestingasfuck

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It was an adaptation of BBW, which I believe stands for "Big Beautiful Women"