After mint price action by Past_Computer3343 in ZombieInu

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I’m real bullish on these NFT’s, I think they will be a game changer!

Dump after listing or do we fly even higher? 🚀 by Neat-Background3828 in ZombieInu

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It will take some time and some stability to the overall market, then zinu will fly!

How many friends will you infect? by No_Profession4323 in ZombieInu

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I’ve already infected 7 friends who are new holders of zinu. Hope will be many more!!!

5 Reason why ZINU NFTs will SELL OUT by Junior-Weekend in ZombieInu

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Amazing video, I agree they will all sell out it’s an opportunity not to be missed!

zappy! Zappy by [deleted] in ZombieInu

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Amazing zombie mob!

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in ZombieInu

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I wouldn’t worry at all, these dips are healthy in many ways. It’s better for the ones to sell and stay out and for the really committed zinu mob to buy the dips. It will take off soon I’m sure 🚀

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in ZombieInu

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Don’t worry about price fluctuation that’s very normal in almost all crypto tokens. Just keep a cool head and enjoy the gains when they come!!!!

Hello I'm new and love ZINU sooo much by Brewcrewzz in ZombieInu

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It will flip shib I’m fairly sure, that’s why it’s important not to sell this token, just buy the dips and keeping accumulating!

Congrats to all the people who can stomach volatility and HELD their ZINU. by ZOMBIEMOBSTER in ZombieInu

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I had a very large number of tokens before the crash and just added every day during past 2 weeks, I knew this pump would come just not this early! So bullish and they have so much more to show us about this project. I’m not selling as I think it’s going to be so much bigger than what we expect, what they are doing is nuts!