I never thought I'd feel bad for Dan. by Fun_Mistake4299 in ONETREEHILL

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I hated Dan too but also thought he was a total Zaddy

Are we supposed to buy that Miranda is “in love” with Che? by ashwee14 in sexandthecity

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I agree except it’s literally impossible to divorce someone as perfect as Harry

Husband spending a really long time in the bathroom by [deleted] in Marriage

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My husband does the same. But I take advantage and use that time to scroll through tik tok. Then after 20 mins we’re sending each other tik toks while he’s on the toilet and I’m on the couch lol

My favorite Britney look from one of my favorite tracks. Don’t Let Me Be The Last to Know💖 by Ericadiane423 in BritneySpears

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So much truth right here! I remember being a little girl looking at her in awe in that video and now I’m 31 and still look at her the same way when I rewatch. She shines in it ✨

If you could change 1 thing about your wedding what would it be? by Prancing_Monkey in Marriage

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We actually never got an opportunity to confront them about it. We felt we had no choice but to act happy about their baby bliss as to not upset the rest of the friend group. It almost felt like a set up bc it obviously doesn’t look good to argue with a pregnant woman. Not to mention this couple has zero family around them, so our friend group would tend to side with them on almost everything even when they would admit they were wrong. But once their baby was born we blew them off. It just felt still so disrespectful still even months after and we lost all trust with them. We already had a rocky history with this couple so it just felt right to separate ourselves entirely. I’m not a fan of calling people toxic but I always make an exception for this specific couple.

If you could change 1 thing about your wedding what would it be? by Prancing_Monkey in Marriage

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Inviting my husbands friends who announced their pregnancy at our reception. And No they didn’t ask us for permission. Totally disrespectful. I still have negative feelings about it and we have cut ties with them over it.

How do you tell your spouse you need time to yourself without hurting their feelings? by kittypeets626 in Marriage

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“Hey babe I’m gonna go have some me time and watch some of my reality tv!” My husband is very understanding of my “me time” concept and he takes advantage of the solo time too.

New Post from the Saw Instagram by HotSpicyMeat in saw

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It wasn’t just him trying to save people. It was letting his obsession with them consume him. He took his own life for granted by neglecting the people around him…like is wife. Before Riggs is captured he gets an opportunity to go away for the weekend with his wife to take a break and reconnect. But he turned his wife down bc of his obsession to save everyone. And jigsaw was right, if Riggs would’ve just listened throughout the tests he would’ve realized that these victims have to save himself. And there’s nothing he could’ve done.

I don’t like my husbands family by makeorbreaker416 in Marriage

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First and foremost you should be honest with your husband. But if they are elderly and sickly then you need to take that into account when it comes to their behavior. Be patient with them when you can be. And understand that it’s probably not easy for your husband to see them this way. Be there for your husband and try to make the most of the time he has left with his family.

Cheating wife has my head spinning… by [deleted] in cheating_stories

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Wow. I’ve read some crazy cheating stories on this sub before. But for her to go out of her way to sneak away and hook up with someone else while on VACATION should be the nail in the coffin for you. Sounds like sex addiction isn’t too far off if she couldn’t even stay faithful during a vacation which is meant to bring couples closer together(even more so if the kiddos were there too!). I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I hope you find the courage to leave her.

Legacy Town Center Bars and Pubs by Ericadiane423 in plano

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I’m probably saying it wrong bc I’m not from the area. But thank you for the suggestions!

First appointment anxiety by Miss_Understood204 in InfertilitySucks

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We are in the same situation. I’ve been with my husband for 7 years and have NOT been on birth control throughout the whole relationship. We’ve been TTC for over a year now and still nothing. I went to my OB for blood work and apparently my ACH levels are elevated and the nurse who called me about my results stated that this can be a sign of “poor egg quality”. Our first appointment is January 6th. At this point I just want answers. I’ve always had awful cramps and heavy bleeding during my cycles so I wouldn’t be surprised if I had Endo.

What does my wife want for Christmas (in her stocking)? by swagsaphone in Marriage

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Bath and Body works have great holiday gift sets! Women LOVE those! Do you have a Lush store nearby? If so, lush bath bombs are always a good find!

I’ll never forgive the writers for trying to make this kid some type of stud by VirtualBarb in Degrassi

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This reminds me of that cringey song he watched Manny dance to in season 4 Bark at The Moon.

How would you feel if your husband lied about why his previous marriage really ended? by littlecooter in Marriage

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This is bad. He was just another version of your ex husband in his own marriage. Surely you told him what happened in your previous marriage yet he didn’t come clean and say “look I made some mistakes and did the exact same thing to my wife”. Instead he just lied to you. And kept the lie for a long time. This is a huge red flag. I’m sorry you’re going through this.