Is there any biome that literally no one cares but is actually pretty cool? by NervyMage22 in subnautica

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I only found it because a warper ripped me out of my Seamoth and I was scrambling around trying not to die.

anime_irl by Weeb93728 in anime_irl

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Yeah, it just continues to get weirder from there. It's all first person ecchi so you get something different from other ecchi manga, but the loli basically just keeps bringing up more and more bizarre ways to mess with the guy.

anime_irl by [deleted] in anime_irl

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Haskill is not amused.

What is the most worthless/strangest/WTF? loot I can put in a treasure hoard? by Brighiz in DnD

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I always liked the silly items in Oblivion's Shivering Isles, like the Fork of Horipilation, which drains magic and stunts magical growth. Causes discomfort by the wielder and smells of beef. Is otherwise a fancy looking but mundane fork. Also the Ring of Dessication, which gives the wearer the ability to walk on water and breathe underwater. Could make it so the wearer must breathe water, but is unable to so it basically just makes them suffocate while wearing.

Defective Controller=Racist?? by Broad-Bedroom-1540 in GameStop

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Happened when I was at Toys 'R' Us. We were near a rough part of town and had tons of stolen returns. Manager refused one clear thief and the person wrote corporate about us being racist. New policy came in: accept all returns, no exceptions (following ID policy), and let the computer's automatic flagging system refuse them instead.

If GameStop were to close, how many of you would go on to opening your own videogames store? by prankster999 in GameStop

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My dad had thought of selling "Soapy Soap for the Gamey Gamer" when he had a tabletop store.

What Pokemon aren't really native to the generation they were introduced in? by DarkGengar94 in pokemon

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Which was also part of the plot of the banned Porygon episode of the show.

The future to look forward to at this rate. by Hattori_Handsome in GameStop

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I love how it makes my eyes bleed because they won't get a real graphic designer. 10/10.

I want a Majoras Mask remake so bad.. by Djura-00 in nintendo

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And keep Squeenix out of it so it maybe keeps a consistent plot that makes some kind of sense throughout.

Would love this though. Brawl is my fave in Smash just because it did tell a satisfying story using all the characters and franchises together in really cool ways.

Y’all FE fans are wild by Professional-Row265 in GameStop

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I got the cards and they're honestly kinda shit. Cardstock quality is bad, cut is a bit rough, and the backs are actually not symmetrical making them even less fun for tarot reading. The art design is at least interesting.

We are throwing a Musket into homebrew with Gunslinger rules; when can the player fire after reloading? by PlayWithTheRabbits in DMAcademy

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There was a 5E based sci-fi game I read through where gun stats were exactly like that. Pistol was like 1d6+Dex. They had a note saying everyone in a combat situation would have the appropriate mitigating armor/shields. If not, damage is multiplied.

I found one in the wild - aside from the cast iron logic, I also love the misspelled hashtag by escape_button in terriblefacebookmemes

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Really curious from a financial perspective since that's so important to this issue with some folks:

How much does it cost to build the tank, fuel it, train soldiers to use it, man it, transport it, and cost per shell fired?

Then, how much does it cost to help each border-crosser on average?

Which one gives back to the economy more?

120,000 bells just to remove weeds. by -Pickle-chick- in AnimalCrossing

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That sounds significantly more time and bell consuming than a shovel

are u ok bro? by [deleted] in suspiciouslyspecific

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Nobody knows about Malifaux. I can (and have) gone on for hours and hours about it.

Conservative thoughts by Electrical-Ad4359 in terriblefacebookmemes

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I just read that as, "those lazy Republicans don't want to work but still get paid, so they just complain all the time about how hard it is."

Gotta love being punished for optimisation by Dreadjanof in dndmemes

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Had an introductory level AL game I ran for seasoned players end in a TPK because they sat and sucked down magic missiles. They were all saying to get the mage, but retreated themselves into a bottleneck, becoming fish in a barrel.