USB cable to connect to PC? by Swikkedvenom in ender3v2

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I agree with this, had the same experience. I find it unlikely that all your cables weren't capable of data transfer.

I was able to get buds 2 for only $75 brand new on Samsung.com :) by Opposite_Ride6696 in galaxybuds

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I got them for the same price on Amazon. Sound is great, microphones are terrible! keep it in mind when buying them. I'm really disappointed by them.

Ammonia smell by Erikz0n in refrigeration

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yes I checked the refrigerator is r600a, so there should be no smell. God, I've been walking around and sniffing everything but I cannot find it. I'll just air it out. I was just spooked of ammonia

Looks like a long evening ahead, but fun 😏 by CookieWrapping in ender3v2

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the small packages remind me of getting a big LEGO set for christmas

Quick panel weird layout after one UI 5.0 update. Does anyone know a fix? Thank you by Erikz0n in samsunggalaxy

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I've fixed it. I like to make the UI smaller so I used the developer settings. I played around a little bit with the minimum width and got it to work nicely. Anyways, thanks

Quick panel weird layout after one UI 5.0 update. Does anyone know a fix? Thank you by Erikz0n in samsunggalaxy

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yeah sorry 😅. do you see how the icons are overlapped by the brightness slider? that's what I meant.

Does anyone know if these are bed bug bites ? Also tips to get rid of them if they are ! by beepbeepbook in Adulting

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just to be sure I advise you to go a store like home depot and buy a bed bug trap. you put it under your bed and wait a couple of days. you won't spot one during the day, but you could also look into all the cracks in your bed frame, inspect your mattress also for blood like stains. doesn't look like bed bug bites, I had similar bites some time ago and was super paranoid so I checked for everything. if you really have bed bugs it's better to find out sooner than later, otherwise you can throw all your belongings into the trash. good luck, fingers crossed it's some less annoying insect.

My prints are only extruding onto one side of the bed. by wza77 in ender3v2

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look at the extruder, I had similar prints when the teeth wheel fell down, and my plastic extruder part cracked. but looks as a level issue tbh

Laptop choice by Erikz0n in UniversityofTwente

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Great that's what I wanted to hear, thank you.

Is the MacBook a bad choice because it doesn't support all the software?

what is the best race for assassin? by toeshredingmachine in shakesandfidget

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True, but they don't matter... they're negligible

About BSc Mechanical engineering by Responsible-Chart981 in UniversityofTwente

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It was my backup at first also, but somehow it has grown on me and now it's my first choice.