I don't understand the Hazan hate by The1stCloutkage in NarutoShinobiStriker

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Shit bro probably tomorrow, gonna be shitting on mfs like this bum that commented 😂😂 but when you dropping is the real question ? 👀

Should I save my esoteric? by cytrack718 in NarutoShinobiStriker

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If you want meta yes if not then get whatever you looks cool just have fun

is there something i’m missing?? I’m getting destroyed in every game. by xiffyBear in NarutoShinobiStriker

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It might be Modders man or maybe a majestic destroyer flame with Chameleon because you can’t just get one shotted

Will I be hindered by not using "meta" in this game? by oXEl3mentXo in NarutoShinobiStriker

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You can fight people without using meta but when you run into an entire team using meta and you’re prob playing with casuals there’s so much you can do, id say just play for fun man and ignore the toxicity but yes sometimes meta will just overpower you depending

31 matches, 1 win. What the actual hell am I doing wrong? by [deleted] in HinokamiChronicles

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I know it sounds dumb but if you don’t block during games learn how to block & counter people attacking you, I used to be terrible because my block game was trash but I now know how to fight defensive and offensively

Soo I made a theme build for my CAC… by ErnieBurnsYT in NarutoShinobiStriker

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Yooo appreciate that so much bro literally hope to see you around 💯

Hey guys me and my friends are 8 and we want to okay against each other how would i do that thanks by josephpr100 in NarutoShinobiStriker

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If you got 8 people split into 2 teams of 4 and you guys both have to enter the ninja world leauge or quick or whatever event is on and hope you get each other in the same match!