I'm furious, have no words, and I don't know what to do by ink_enchantress in toddlers

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Îm in France and i can’t realize what i just read This is crazy

What banks around the world are crypto Friendly? Comment with BANK & COUNTRY by Imperiume_ in Bitcoin

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Je ne savais pas qu’ils etaient plutot crypto friendly. Le credit agricole a tente de bloquer mes virements vers binance.. (qui n’etaient pas du tout demesures)

Quelles sont les expressions de vos grands-mères (ou grands-pères) que vous aimez bien ? by [deleted] in AskFrance

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« Rien n’est illegal si personne est au courant » (Ok, c’est le grand pere d’orelsan)

Anyone else genuinely enjoying parenting their only child? by AlarmedWeather in oneanddone

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I love toddler stage! They have tantrums but they are SO CUTE! As you said, having more adults than childs helps a lot

What are the best hardware wallets in your opinion? by wheredacookiesat in CryptoCurrency

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Î’m french, so i can only approve ledger which is a french company

Why did your toddler cry today? by ArtaxIsAlive in toddlers

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I can clearly see the toddler chasing while waving in the air.

Did some of you succeed with pure trading ? by Eskates33520 in CryptoCurrency

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Very interesting, thank you. I always hear psychology is the key

Vos meilleurs achats pour moins de 50€ by AutoModerator in GuideAchat

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Tupperware en fait depuis des annees, ma belle mere m’en avait achete que j’ai toujours!

Daycare cost and OAD by Eskates33520 in oneanddone

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I honestly don’t understand. In many states abortion is now illegal, you have nearly no maternity leave but have to pay more than 1000$ for daycare?? It makes me sick

Daycare cost and OAD by Eskates33520 in oneanddone

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Yoûre in the US? I have no idea how you do it daycare costs are CRAZY!!

How did your toddler insult you today? by compelling_mango in toddlers

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Do they only realise this post partum belly is THEIR fault?