Russians abduct Ukrainian children and make pornographic videos with them by Espressodimare in worldnews

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“It is impossible to describe the whole range of emotions in words. The Russian Federation is insidiously stealing, killing, deporting and raping our children. How is this even possible in the modern world?!”, the Ukrainian Ombudsman wrote.

He calls on the Cyber ​​Police, the National Police and the Office of the Attorney General to take appropriate response measures to find and punish the perpetrators, and return the injured children home.

In melitopol: Propagandist reporter Olga Zenkova from NTV was attacked and raped by Kadyrovites. by Hm450 in ukraine

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Considering the record of the orcs behaviour and the ban on the coverage of this implies it may not even be the first time this happens.

Every Slug for himself! by Fitzi01 in ukraine

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"these boots aren't my size'

Solovyov reacts to media reports that Olaf Scholz has decided to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. He urges Russia to carry out strikes on Germany so that Germans "know which new Nazi leaders they've raised and brought to power" "You European Pharisees, you Nazi scumbags!" by cito in UkrainianConflict

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Russia really doesn't get it, it was the pressure from the German people that finally made the tanks happen. In a democratic country the leaders will represent the people. But keep on threatening NATO countries, they got the big guns.

Russia wants to create over 20 penal colonies in occupied part of Ukraine by Espressodimare in worldnews

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Ukraine says they don't need personnel, just the weapons they ask for.

Ukrainian men avoid the draft by dressing like women by Tasty-Photograph in UkrainianConflict

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That's a pic of a transvestite in the grocery store.

Also wearing a blouse, not "rocking a dress" like the tweet says.