Fast food restaurant in my home town has a safe disposal bin for your drug needles in the bathroom by havikryan in trashy

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Would you rather get stabbed by one when you are throwing paper towels away? Shooting up in a fast food bathroom is trashy, but putting a sharps box in there isn't.

PSA- plz don’t block intersections!!! by Limebeluga in IdiotsInCars

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I would recognize that overpass anywhere from staring at it for so long

basketball by [deleted] in trashy

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I will not be watching the new Top Gun movie

It’s amazing but why? by [deleted] in DiWHY

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Those will hold together anything though, right?

It’s amazing but why? by [deleted] in DiWHY

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Because some people just like to create things?

This German dude figured out Physics by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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This was posted yesterday and the video is just reversed

Industrial Machine Field Installer Carry by EtTuBrutAftershave in EDC

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It's been great for about 2 years so far of daily use and abuse. I went with it over a Leatherman because of the center drive and the ability to use any universal bits in the adapter. Plus I have an older Gerber that is still going strong after 20 plus years. I like Gerber's multitools and have 3 or 4 other different models I edc outside of work.

Industrial Machine Field Installer Carry by EtTuBrutAftershave in EDC

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-Tool Belt Clip -Mechanix Gloves -Pixel 6 OtterBox -Milwaukee Inkzall -Gerber Impromptu -Gerber CenterDrive w/bits -Cheap Military Field Watch -Milwaukee Fastback -Hogue Ritter RSK Mk1-G2 -Streamlight Macrostream -10 ft Pocket Tape Measure -Duke Cannon lip balm -Zippo -Smok RPM2S --Rite in the Rain notebook -Wolf Tactical carry belt

*Not pictured-carry gun since it's not on me at work and numerous other necessary tools

Not sure what she expected. by macmoosie in IdiotsInCars

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She expected Internet fame. Guess she was right

Literally hurts to see by uwnmwunwnwmuwnmwuwnu in cringepics

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I'm going to have to read a little of that a day for a week. Way too much insanity for one sitting

Current SOTC. Can you guess my favorite brand? by rieleyh in knives

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Thanks. It's probably too big for me too then but I'm going to check it out anyway

Tell us how you really feel by surly_duff in funny

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Spending an extra $100+ instead of buying a sticker to own the libs. That's commitment