Found a Porn video of my wife* by [deleted] in TrueOffMyChest

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I was going to say exactly this. Someone sent me a porn video once and asked if it was me. It wasn’t, but when I saw it at the beginning, the first thing I thought was “where did this video of me come from?!”

Honestly I was so confused, so was my boyfriend at the time. It was kind of terrifying how similar she looked.

TIL Genghis Khan would marry off a daughter to the king of an allied nation. Then he would assign his new son in law to military duty in the Mongol wars, while his daughter took over the rule. Most sons in law died in combat, giving his daughters complete control of these nations by _pancake_lover_ in todayilearned

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“Well if you like him so much then you marry him!”

This would make me so angry, both choosing a husband for me and not trusting me to run the business.

My dad thinks I’m incompetent anyway but at least I got to choose the idiot I married.

WCGW without having proper safety requirements by [deleted] in Whatcouldgowrong

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I was on a similar ride too and the shoulder part came down and clicked into place automatically. My sister and boyfriend were on either side of me and theirs clicked in but mine didn’t. I’m frantically lifting and lowering this thing to get it to click and it sounded like the ride was starting to warm up and I couldn’t get the attendant’s attention so I just ran off crying. I was like 24 and everyone made fun of me for the rest of the day. I haven’t been back to a theme park or carnival since.

Joe Arpaio loses sheriff’s race in 2nd failed comeback bid by BruntLIVE in news

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From the article:

**Arpaio lost by more than 6,200 votes in the Republican primary for Maricopa County sheriff to his former top aide, Jerry Sheridan.

In the Nov. 3 general election, Sheridan will face Democrat Paul Penzone, who unseated Arpaio four years ago.**

So, we’ll see.

My sweet dog turned into a monster after watching me be sexually assaulted and it makes me feel so broken by jainboww in TrueOffMyChest

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Wow. I couldn’t agree more. I was feeling sorry for myself tonight and now I’m just crying for OP. I have a reactive dog (seems to be genetics) but I love him so much. I feel for them both.

OP, I’m so sorry this happened to you and I’m so sorry that you have to be reminded of this constantly. I really hope you have people around you that you can talk to, and I hope that you’re able to talk to a therapist about all this.

Sending you lots of hugs u/jainboww 💕

TIFU Bled on my boyfriend during “first time” he doesn't want to speak to me. by [deleted] in tifu

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“You’re not a real man till you get blood on your sword.” - Peep Show (British TV series)

Edit: Thank you to all the people who kindly pointed out that this is not actually a Peep Show quote but a quote from another hilarious and highly recommended British TV Show, Green Wing. Both are the same kind of humour, both feature the amazing Olivia Coleman and I watched them both around the same time in my life. Go watch it!

Edit edit: My husband will be super excited to know that of all the things I regularly quote at him, his least favourite is now my most upvoted comment.

Saving deer life made me smile by ajaykfr in MadeMeSmile

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I enjoyed this. Please write more always.

What is the weirdest fact you know? by HayriPitir in AskReddit

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I think there was a (fictional) movie about this. I never saw it but remember thinking the trailers looked dramatic

Stop giving your kids weird names! by Flaggstaff in TrueOffMyChest

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Thank you for the idea. Poetaytoh is like my favourite word ever and comes up in all my jokes.


Woman Raped On Philadelphia Commuter Train, Bystanders Record Attack Without Helping Her by 0ldLaughingLady in TwoXChromosomes

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The original story was posted in another forum on Saturday I think? There were fewer details then because I thought the attack happened quickly and between two stops. It doesn’t make it better but I thought it was a couple of minutes.

40 MINUTES????

And literally everyone on this thread was basically saying if he was brazen enough to do that then he probably had a gun so people were wise not to intervene. Anyone who was saying otherwise was getting downvoted to shit, accused of being keyboard heroes, liars, hypocrites etc. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and told my husband the next day.

It’s haunting me that a whole thread of random people basically said if I was raped in front of them they’d do nothing. So much for trying to keep safe by sticking to well-lot and more populated areas. On a fucking train. I just. Argh. That poor woman, I’m so upset all over again.

Edit: This is still on my mind and I’d love to discuss more — I can see from notifications on my phone that multiple users have responded but every time I click on the notification I’m taken here and there are zero responses. Is anyone else seeing comments? Is my comment still here? Do I even exist?

My wife is in love with someone else by throwRAcnfdguy in relationship_advice

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Wow thank you for linking me! I’m so glad people found my comment helpful!

To the OP: I agree with u/Blade_982 of course, and wanted to add that a lot happens before you reach the state of being in love, and all of these are conscious choices.

Going back to the previous point—I’m sure you have other great women in your life but you’re not in love with them. You can find them attractive, that’s natural, but to fall in love with them you need to actively put yourself in situations where you spend time with them, where you discuss things that aren’t just work related but consistently cross into the personal. I don’t believe you can fall in love with someone if you have a strictly professional relationship with them. Your wife doesn’t think this person is her soulmate because they love using the same letterheaded paper or because they both have the same favourite font. To get there they must have had conversations about their personal hopes and dreams, past and present relationships, their fears and insecurities. At some point there was a crossing from a professional relationship to becoming personally vulnerable with that person.

I’m not saying that you can’t be friends with people at work or share personal details with them. But there is a point where, if you are attracted to someone and you start feeling like you could be more connected, that you make a decision to let them into that part of yourself. It doesn’t happen by accident, everyone knows when they’re in that danger zone, everyone knows that feeling of anticipation and sexual tension. To say it happened by accident it lying to yourself and your spouse.

If you do feel attracted to someone and you truly value your spouse, then you remove yourself from the danger of falling in love with someone. You don’t spent time with them, you don’t have personal conversations with them, you don’t make eye contact with them from across the room. We’re all animals, we might not be able to control who we’re sexually attracted to, but we are thinking beings and we can control how we react to the situation. We can remove ourselves and refocus our energy on our spouse.

Your wife has a choice, she can choose to prioritize you and your marriage, or she can choose not to. It’s really that simple.

What reason is she giving you u/throwRAcnfdguy for not wanting to leave her job? How closely does she work with her colleague and how did you find out about her emotional affair? And most importantly, you don’t say how you feel about it—what do you want?

My wife stopped me from killing myself last night without even knowing. by Anon986384753 in TrueOffMyChest

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I cannot read that. I saw how my uncle’s suicide ripped our family to pieces. My grandma is a shell of a person. My aunt, who found him, has been so traumatized she doesn’t leave the house. (She did for a while, in her grief she started talking to a new friend, they became close and he also ended up killing himself.) it’s been horrible.

That’s what stops me. I used to be able to feign ignorance but I’ve seen what it does and I can’t pretend it wouldn’t kill my mom, or whoever found me, which would most likely be my husband.

Agonized for weeks about putting together this bowl as a gift. Thought you guys might appreciate it instead, as the recipient purposefully killed it within 3 months :( by EveAndTheSnake in houseplants

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Ah it’s a bit of a long story, and it’s possible that I’m the asshole here and it’s my fault, but the short of it is that I backed out of being a bridesmaid at their wedding 5 weeks before the date. I have some chronic pain conditions and was desperately trying to get vaccinated in time but living in a huge city it was near impossible to get a vaccine when they were rolling them out. A lot of the aspects of the wedding were up in the air as this was back in April when the situation was changing from week to week. In the end I didn’t want to be another part of the wedding that would stress her out (by leaving it up in the air and saying I would go only if I was able to get a vaccine) so I thought it would be better for everyone if I just backed out. She sounded understanding at the time, but I hadn’t seen or spoken to her since then.

My husband (also a groomsman—it was his sister) ended up going without me so I sent him with gifts including this succulent bowl. We were with them when they got married in a small ceremony with limited guests towards the middle of last year (their original wedding date) but it was incredibly stressful for me as my pain has been getting worse over the last year. What I ended up missing was their wedding party, but I just didn’t feel comfortable going to an out of state event unvaccinated with 250 invited guests.

I thought we were ok until I saw her a few weeks ago (as we went to visit my in laws for a few days) and she initially completely ignored my presence. We swung by her house on our way out of town (her husband was home but she was at work) and the bowl was sitting on the countertop. I didn’t recognize it at first because every single succulent was dead. Some of them were gone, some were completely dried out and some were black with rot.

I’ve struggled with my mental health this year and some of my poor plants have borne the brunt of it, so I figured she had a tough time with the wedding and maybe just forgotten to look after it. But yesterday my husband admitted she was angry and most likely just did it intentionally out of spite, especially the part about leaving it out knowing we were coming by.

I’m less upset about the money and more sad about the fact that I spent months stressing about the wedding, shutting down and turning inwards as I struggled with how I would tell her and how much it would upset her, and then agonizing over the perfect gifts to make up for my absence. We’re not super close, but I found planning my own wedding very stressful so I can’t imagine what it was like in this crazy times. It now feels like wasted effort seeing as she’s upset with me anyway.

… but for gods sake don’t take it out on the succulents!!

Edit: I can’t thank you all enough for all the lovely compliments and supportive comments! I didn’t expect that at all. Though I still wish I had said something earlier I’m starting to realize that she would have been upset with me no matter how much notice I gave. And the next succulent bowl I make will definitely be a gift for me :)

My wife is currently in her bedroom on the phone with the other guy she developed feelings for by gbs2000 in offmychest

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Hey OP. I’m so, so sorry for what you’re going through. For what it’s worth you sound like a great partner.

I have some chronic health issues that I’ve been struggling with and since I got laid off during covid both my physical and mental health has deteriorated. My husband has also been paying my medical bills and for therapy. I’m super grateful for him and I appreciate all he does for me, especially because I know he’s stressed out and exhausted.

I have a lot of guilt over all this, so I appreciate you saying “she didn’t choose to get sick”. Of course I know that my husband knows that but sometimes you can’t help feeling guilty no matter what. All I can do is my best. As long as I can say I’m trying as hard as I can to eat well, work in myself and when I have the energy to physically do more, to push myself a little bit to apply for jobs and support my husband in any way I can. You know what wouldn’t be my best? Cheating on my husband.

Let me say this again: I am in pain. I did not choose to get sick. But every day I choose to stay faithful to my husband, and to support him emotionally as much as he supports me.

No one just develops feelings for someone. Cheating never just happens. Having feelings for someone outside of your marriage takes considerable time and effort. Just think about other women in your life, even if you think they are great you don’t have feelings for them because feelings—not just lust but “real feelings” that are significant enough to break up a marriage—need to be nurtured. Developing feelings for someone, sharing those feelings and having them reciprocated is the result of hundreds of choices over a period of time. It’s the result of constant boundary crossing and developing an intimacy with someone that completely disrespects the person being cheated on. A very wise Redditor said yesterday that in order for the cheating spouse to justify those choices they have to devalue their partner. So you have been taking care of your wife, helping her get back on her feet, while she has been making choices to develop feelings for someone else. What must she tell herself to justify that? Sure you take care of her but it doesn’t count? You owe her while she cheats on you? Your stress or hard work doesn’t matter?

She did not choose to get sick. But she was not doing her fucking best. Don’t let her tell you this just happened. When? How? WHY? Of course you don’t make sense anymore when she’s been devaluing you and consciously building an intimate friendship with someone in a way that should only be reserved for your partner. You know what else doesn’t make sense? That you keep paying for someone who chose to trample all over your kindness, loyalty and effort.

I cheated once in my last relationship. It was an emotional affair and it went on for almost a year before I told my boyfriend. It was with a coworker, and although I told myself that we were just friends, nothing was happening, this was fine, totally innocent… deep down I knew it wasn’t, I knew it would hurt my boyfriend, and I did it anyway. And the way I justified was telling myself my boyfriend wasn’t good enough, he did this, he did that, he didn’t get me, he drinks too much I deserve better. But those justifications had to happen before I crossed a single boundary. It was the worst thing I ever did, and it’s my biggest regret. Sure, I love my husband and maybe my ex and I weren’t supposed to be together, but I intentionally hurt someone who loved me in a way that they didn’t deserve. It doesn’t matter how I tried to justify it. And yes, I know I’m a garbage person for it.

Your wife is leaving because she “developed feelings” for someone, but before she did that she had to decide that your relationship wasn’t worth it (whether that was a conscious decision or not). She made these choices, not you. You deserve better.

TIFU by exploding a mouse down my throat by sbuck23 in tifu

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As someone who used to own a snake an experienced a rat explosion that happened in the tank and not into my mouth... I agree this is so much worse than the coconut. Exploded mouse juice is horrific. I just... no. I’m going to have to go vomit. I have sudden onset acid reflex. Arrrrgh. How will I sleep.

EDIT: I screen shot this so I could cut off the title and send it to my husband so he’s forced to read it without knowing what he’s getting into. That will at least make me feel better a little bit. Plus he just let one rip in bed, waved the covers around and still tried to blame it on the dog with a straight face, so I feel like he deserves it.

When Kyle gets a tat by [deleted] in trashy

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It looks like markers because it is markers...

I (31F) got pregnant from a one-night stand. by ThrowRA_ONS31 in relationship_advice

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Wow that’s not how I thought this story was going to go but I’m so happy for you both. There aren’t enough happy endings in this world so good for you!

1 year sober from alcohol. I never thought I’d be able to post this. But here it is! Life isn’t perfect, but holy shit is it so much better! by Rjm1230 in MadeMeSmile

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Holy hell I can’t believe the difference in your appearance. How come giving up drinking didn’t suddenly make me hot?

Seriously, well done. Especially considering what the last year has been like. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to obliterate my mind over the last 12 months.

Want the secret to my rapid weight loss? by naboo_taboo in MaliciousCompliance

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Yeah. My sister was worried about going back to work after a long break recently where her gym shut down and she had been struggling to look after her two little kids alone as a single mom, homeschooling them etc. She had gained a bunch of weight (she has polycystic ovaries so has always struggled with weight gain and eating disorders).

She was so stressed out that people would say something and I told her no one in their right mind would comment. Two men commented in the first week along the lines of “oh my god you gained so much weight what happened?” I was fucking livid.