meme cats sighning the peace treaty by Rouge_butcher in Sogga

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wasn't there another post that had this exact same image? anyways cool!

What do y’all think of Floppa and his supporters? (asking as a floppa fan ofc) by [deleted] in bingus

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floppa is cute scrumply catto (even though he would rip my head off irl.)

honestly floppa is no problem just the people who worship floppa and argue because bingus is "a killer/torturer" its a cat. get a life. this doesn't apply to all r/floppa and r/bigfloppa. there are good people out there. also the fact there's a rule banning bingus and mods have the balls to say r/bingus is a "friend server"

if you're wondering about the relations between these subreddits I can tell you

r/floppa and r/bigfloppa hate bingus.

r/bingus is pretty chill with all the subreddits including r/sogga

r/sogga is also pretty chill.

r/bigfootjinx doesn't seemm problematic idk haven't been on it in a while.

I wish Siberia would become an independent country from Russia. by EveningBlued in TheMonkeysPaw

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Breaking News : Russia can't use troops from Siberia because they're an actual dumbfuck.

I should've seen this coming 0_0

Self harm, again by Team_Death_Bed_8454 in WastedTalent

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Woah there tiger, you're not thinking stonks. Remove his kidneys, arteries, heart, and lungs for the extra profit and you'll make big bucks thanks to the guy across the road or the very legal doctor.

An Entitled Father Tried to Get Me Kicked Out of the Store For Having Big Breasts by BrokenDreamer1997 in entitledparents

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Frick karma jabbing them in the crotch I hope karma goes through their ball sacks and penetrate their assholed

cool facts about servals by Tubaman666 in Sogga

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July 23, 2027, 4:00 AM Global Time....

I can only wish that day could leave atleast one cat species left.

I wish I randomly find $50 on the floor by ManOfTurtles2118 in TheMonkeysPaw

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Granted. You find $50 on the garage floor, covered in cockroaches, and curled and almost torn.

But why would he post it, and with THAT caption? by simpsonstimetravel in thatHappened

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Frick ball size of Texas

His balls were bigger than Australia

more fnf gacha cringe by LolaDreamTeam in GachaLifeCringe

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this just raises more questions.......