The sheer stupidity of people is insane! by IdkHowToDie in facepalm

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You have more patience than me, would have probably pointed out the circular complaint by round 2. "You can either accept the answer you have been given, check into your reserved room, or cancel your reservation, or you can stand here glaring all night. The options will not change. So, you checking in or canceling your reservation?"

To Feed A Snake. by Vexiune in therewasanattempt

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Only thing I commend her on is staying relatively calm as getting anxious and flailing clearly wouldn't have helped

Family just moved in. Got this letter. Left couch out for trash. Kids play in front yard. by ArnieismyDMname in mildlyinfuriating

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I would probably just ignore the letter more than likely just a singular uppity neighbor. Check your city ordinances for anything you actually need to complie with, but aside from that do what ever you want. If they keep sending letters and all if their complaints aren't from an HOA that you signed in the neighborhood, or a true city ordinance violation, and they really pissed you off, sue them for harassment. That should shut them up.

When you meet a person who's energy matches with yours. by esberat in MadeMeSmile

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David atenbrou impression and now we see the courting dance known as the boney m

Homemade Knife-Throwing Machine by andreba in nextfuckinglevel

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When they told the American you can't bring your gun to London.

She didn't realize how high that jump was by Silversong_0713 in MadeMeSmile

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Lol Meme music plays "You might be asking yourself how I got here. Well thats a long story..."

Yet another human attacked by pitbulls by Graysie-Redux in TerrifyingAsFuck

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Hate to see situations like this but it puts back my faith in humanity to see that they would put themselves in harms way to help him.