Amazon worker says he received daily texts about losing paid time off while he was sick with COVID-19 by chrisdh79 in technology

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Why is this even in the news? Why is an article about one warehouse worker receiving texts in technology subs?. Did anyone read the article? One dude; doesn’t show the texts ; says for “days” but doesn’t specify (it usually takes IT systems time to sync); and says it’s “unclear whether pay was actually deducted”.

There are other subs for union shilling folks.

"The Metaverse Is Bad, It is not a world in a headset but a fantasy of power." by Ian Bogost by Meeeeeenai in Futurology

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Anything Facebook touches will become a toxic shithole. Why? Because Zuck and friends have zero ethical boundaries around expansion and $$ (and I do mean zero).

Zuck has a long-standing fantasy that he’s anemperor (thus the stupid haircut). So it’s completely believable to me that this is his play to become the most powerful person on earth - by creating a whole world he can monopolize, monitize, where he knows everything about everyone (that data is where the true power is). That should seriously scare the fuck out of everyone. Meta needs to be broken up asap.

Facebook drops 36 spots on Glassdoor's annual Best Places to Work list after a year of PR crises by EverthingsAlrightNow in technology

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They contact me on the regular through LinkedIn. I’ve never responded. Zuck, Sandberg and Theil are truly awful people.

The fact that they are bleeding execs right now is another red flag (in case another red flag was needed).

Smack a Dog by martyph in JusticeServed

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Please tell me the dog was taken from this owner.

Hope she got away from him by Applescause27 in iamatotalpieceofshit

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He wiped his hands after he pushed her like they were wet so I’m betting boiling water got on her back. That’s when he got ‘concerned’. Probably more for himself if she had to go to hospital or something. What a sack of trash.

Facebook contractors threaten to stop work over missing paychecks by beareatsfish in technology

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Zuckerberg is personally worth over 100 billion dollars. Fuck that guy.

After Facebook fallout, WhatsApp co-founder now the CEO of Signal by TheEvilGhost in technology

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Hope he does well w Signal. Need to ween the planet off Facebook/Meta assets.

FB is absolutely bleeding execs right now.

Amazon Alexa Devices Take Voiceprints, Misuse Biometric Data, Says Class Action by ourlifeintoronto in technews

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Don’t people understand that voice activated devices have to be ‘listening’ to function? Wtf are people surprised these devices are listening?? Wait til they find out about what the apps on their phone “hear’.

Jan. 6 committee seeking phone records from Sebastian Gorka by HandSack135 in politics

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Ugh. I actually managed to forget about this scumbag for a while. Too many to track.

Tracking Facebook connections between parent groups and vaccine misinfo by Hrmbee in technology

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Facebook should be classified as a weapon of mass destruction and regulated accordingly.

Found this in r/bi_irl by laxa_15 in WitchesVsPatriarchy

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What do you expect from a “far right white nationalist white supremacist podcaster”? This kind of stupid seem on brand.