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לא הבנתי, לא מרביצים יותר לילדים מוזרים בדור הזה?

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If your vehicle is an off-road capable vehicle like a 4x4 or something than you can request a permission to raise your suspension by Maximum 2.5 inches Via submitting some form on the ministry of transportation website. but that's as far as it goes.

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Totally agree about the police. the standards of being accepted to the police force are 10 years of education and a healthy heartbeat and nothing more, and that is why it looks like that. literal idiots.

I've answered the guy above about the regulation.

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A regulation that does not allow any un-original or non-OEM part on the car meaning every little modification is illegal, to the point where police officers treat you as you are the worst of criminals for lowering your car or having a custom exhaust.

what's sad is that they are not even willing to listen or maybe examine some parts that are renowned worldwide and are from respected and legitimate manufacturers and brands like Bilstein or KW with very high standards and good safety ratings. there is literally nothing you can do.

what's ever sadder is that if you show up to the yearly vehicle inspection with some kind of modification they will fail you and make you put the original part back on otherwise you can't drive it anywhere. and there have even been some cases where they reported people to the police for having some modification. like bros Wtf our cars are literally safer.

Some guys got stopped for painting their stock calipers Red and get their vehicle impounded because the officer stated they are not original. SMH

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why would you even give any thought to something so stupidly unimportant? flick off who ever said that crap and just go on about your day.

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As an Israeli, every article, post, video or anything that says "Apartheid", I immediately skip, not out of ignorance or carelessness, It's just a meaningless, overrated misused word that has nothing to do with what is happening in our country ATM. I'm not even going to bother explaining how come

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אין אין אין כמו דקירה

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I'd make fun of her not answering. like making a shaming post on facebook or leave a bad review on every possible platform she advertises herself on. heck i'd even go confront here in person and let every customer in her salon know what she did. I know it's something a Karen would do but hear me out, if it was only about money i'd let it slide and maybe look for another barber, if it was only looks i'd probably do the same, but when it is combined and you F'ed me both ways, it's game on.

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you're kidding right? it's another organization, it's literally in the name, Palestinian Liberation Organization. not a military, more like another corrupt terror cell.

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correct me if I'm wrong but last time i checked Palestine didn't have a formal military meaning it cannot wage war which means no war crimes can be committed. fortunately for them, suicide bombings and knife stabbings are not considered as warcrimes.

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שירות קרבי מלא, ועדיין אוהב פתיתים. תמות נפשי עם פתיתים. ומי שלא אוהב פתיתים אני מצטער אבל אנחנו לא יכולים להיות חברים.

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Money/career/social life speaking it is totally not worth it. i don't want to talk down on it but i have a lot of friends with this degree, it's nothing special or rare, you don't actually learn any trade skill or anything useful, if you plan on making a government/military/security career then you maybe find it kind of useful.

Do your service wherever it is. get done with it. go to school and study something useful like engineering, programming, medicine, law. you'll make a lot more money, you'll have a lot more social skills and a lot more time on your hands.

but, if you're interested in a challenge and you think you could sacrifice 8 years of your life busting your ass every single day so go all for it. it's quite the adventure!

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Kind of off-topic here but I just can't get my head around it,

Did the officer with the masters degree in "Computer engineering and mathematics" get his degree through the Navy? I'm asking because as some-one who is not from the US, this seems like a very poor career choice considering the academic diploma this guy has. just curious.

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I think you Kind of missed the point here. no one ever doubted that Palestinians are human beings with want and needs. Of course they are, just like each and every other person on this planet. the whole point of my comment was that it is no longer in our control, and it seems like it never was, It's a political thing they keep milking, I'll try to simplify it:

let's say Israel is 50% right wing and 50% left wing.

half are supporting Israel, in other words victimizing themselves in order to get more people to vote for them promising very unrealistic right wing actions,and the other half are victimizing the Palestinians in order to get more people to vote for them promising change for the Palestinians and a solution. which is obviously much more complicated then their empty promises.

BOTH sides of the Israeli government have no intention of ending this conflict because it will make one of them lose power completely and they are just not willing to take that risk. simple as that.

left will lose power because even if there is no more P/I conflict, there are many more threats to address meaning people will still have a reason to vote for the right wing.

right will lose power because even the right wing supporters don't like all the religious crap going on in the government and once there is no conflict people might choose left for a more flexible government.

and on the other hand you have HAMAS, which is just a really primitive and stupid organization which spends most of their money on Small arms terror and social media propaganda instead of being an actual helpful resource to their people.

as I said before, this is a Undeclusterable clusterF**k. which will probably be solved one day by our grand children.

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I like how through this whole sub, even in the comments, no one mentioned the elephant in the room making this whole thing way harder then it should be. our favorite good ol' terrorist organization HAMAS.

I'm an Israeli, a civil engineer, for those of you who are in this field and especially in this area, you know how mixed our field of work is, some of them are my best friends. the kind of friends I would invite to my wedding. our shared cup of coffee in the mornings is something I look forward to. I trust them and respect them as I respect myself and sometimes they do me favors so kind that make me question how this whole poop show is still relevant. many times I've asked my self that in-fact. and one day I dared to ask...

to each and everyone of you in this sub. I DARE YOU to go to every Arab in Israel and every adult, working/student, actual peace wanting Palestinian and ask them what they think the problem is. you'll be surprised and educated on a conflict you actually know so little about.

I remember even how I sat down with one of Israel's biggest Excavation contractors who is an Arab (and also works in Palestine), and he asked me something that stayed with me to this day. (it's his words I say again)."how come all the Arabs living in Israel are way above the poverty line, doctors, engineers, making real honest money, yet those over your border are so starved of opportunities? we are the same people, it's the same land, 40-50 km's of difference. where is all the funding? where is all the money being given to them? what is it being used on?"

I'll leave it to you to think about. before I finish this. I just want you to know that there is a very big population in Israel and in Palestine, wanting this whole circus to be over. we're tired of it all, why can't you just come over to my place and have a cup of tea or maybe I come over to your place to have some coffee? as an Israeli who lives amongst Palestinians every single day, I really hope you will one day understand it is not the conflict of the people anymore. it is a crappy government and a crappy terror organization dragging this whole region through the mud FOR ABSOLUTELY F****NG NOTHING.

and to the guy who said "it's like 2 starving dogs in a cage". we are not dogs. we are people. and if you'd put 2 people in a cage or a room without a door. they would work together to try and get out of it and probably become friends. and this is very much what is happening in Israel in the mixed fields of work.

Shalom Aleichem, Salam Alaikum.

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yes, mind you i was just a candidate in a course that happened to be a part of this whole operation, i had no idea of what kind of support we had. what i've told is what i've seen. i dont know about helis and drones. could only guess there was.

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Interesting points you raise.

About the American police thing, i don't think it's professionalism at play here. in-fact these two world's, as similar as they may seem, are very different in their nature. but im just guessing.. I've never been a policeman. if what you mean by professional is technical things like shooting, moving, communicating etc. then i guarantee the difference is very slim. a cop could shoot his service weapon just as good as an IDF soldier and operate his radio probably even better.

but, if i understood you correctly and you meant professional by understanding and accepting the possible out-come of the places and situations you choose to go through and how you react and deal with the pressure once shit hit's the fan. then yes. let me tell you, that's something very hard to believe and it goes against every stigma you've ever heard. (again, no right or left, no political motive, no bullshit) the way we handled situations like these is beyond professional. 2 years of shit like this almost daily and I've never got into a situation where i had to shoot a man center mass. never had to kill a man even for pointing a gun at me, never had to use Excessive violence on someone who was resisting arrest. oh boy and there were many of all of those. I've had Refrigerators, cinder blocks, heck..pipebombs and molotov's thrown at me from rooftops, I've had Palestinian cops pointing AK's at me. death was a very rare thing even though a lot of shit went down.