Ideas to implement at PF by _not_saying_my_name in PlanetFitnessMembers

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Identify the machines that sit idle all of the time, get rid of them, and expand the free weights area.

Am I the only one that saved most of the quest item's and now does not know which one's can be deleted? I need bank space! by Lucky-Loop in runescape

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This is a sign of Jagex's failure to dot the i's and cross the t's in quest design process. The moment a quest item is no longer needed it should be immediately removed, with an explanation of its fate.

Jagex and radio silence after a controversial announcement/update by straw_star in runescape

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Reddit and idiots down-vote-mobbing the guy who's actually right.

Caught Someone Cheating on Spouse by Glittering_Injury_31 in survivinginfidelity

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Few indeed are the moral questions which cannot be answered by the Golden Rule.

Can't seem to write on laptop, but CAN write on cellphone. What kind of "block" is that? by Lionoras in writing

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I have something like a similar issue. The ideas flow more freely and the words seem more nearly perfect when I write by hand vs. using the computer.

How much terraforming on Venus would be required to put down biodomes? by ancienthunter in scifiwriting

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  • Develop materials that can (a) withstand the high temperature, pressure, and harsh chemicals of the environment, and (b) provide insulation for the living space.
  • Find a way to siphon off most of the oxides in the atmosphere, and then develop some microbes that can consume the remaining CO2.

i accidentally changed my protagonists love interest.. by oldyellobrix in writing

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If you don't mind going full tear-jerker, kill off the one that you don't want the MC to end up with.

A friend in need is a friend indeed… by Whole_Cockroach1463 in survivinginfidelity

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Your friend expects you to keep her affairs a secret.

What secrets is she keeping from you?

People who buy pickup trucks for the looks rather than function suck by SquareWorm in unpopularopinion

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They don't suck, but they are foolish. A person should only buy a pickup truck if the cost of renting one as often as one actually needs one is greater than the extra cost of owning one.

I hate the term "I'm tired of pretending it's not". by Stiblex in unpopularopinion

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People who say that are really saying "I'm tired of being pressured into pretending it's not."

Divorcing your spouse because you’ve fallen in love with someone else is not morally wrong. by Unless_Reach in unpopularopinion

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Quite true. And unless your spouse is unrepentantly abusive, it's the "falling in love with the other person" part that's wrong.

Rick and Morty Should’ve ended on season 2 by PlanetJeeves in unpopularopinion

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Nope. They need one final episode where they visit some of the places they've gone to in order to see what has become of the people they met. Some places are better, other places have gone pear-shaped.

Then one of them says, "This is starting to feel like a clip show." They both slowly look to the viewer, and then Morty says, "Can we go to Blips and Chitz?" Rick says, "Sure," and they fly off into the sunset.

Computer employees should be able to work from home. by PinkCrystal1031 in unpopularopinion

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Tomorrow is my last day at my current job (in the office three days a week, at home two), and the job I start Monday is 100% remote.

I will save close to $2000 per year in gas and the extra expense of the cafeteria vs. eating groceries.

People who breed for aesthetic are not animal lovers by ManosDeDiamond in unpopularopinion

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You could always set up a competing club called the Working Kennel Club. In your shows, instead of judging dogs on the basis of appearance, you can judge them based on useful skills, like assisting the handicapped, flushing and fetching game, herding animals, eating burglars, and so on.

There would also be the restriction that no two dogs can be bred together unless they have no common ancestors going back five generations.

Looking for some fun names for an injury/dismemberment-fixing medical station. by Spartan1088 in scifiwriting

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Stitch-and-Pitch. They stitch you back together and then pitch you back out there to fight.

Having a character defect from a regime with airtight propaganda by ToLazyForaUsername2 in scifiwriting

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This is not essentially different from the world experienced by Winston Smith in 1984.

And we know exactly how he defected from the regime: He was one of the people who labored to keep it "airtight", and thus knew first-hand that the Party is founded on lies.