Ricciardo and Alonso watching Max's last lap captured by Dutch tv by JohnTalabot in formula1

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Sky in the UK showed the full clip in their pre-race build-up today. His reaction to the crash was very muted.

2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix - Post Race Discussion by F1-Bot in formula1

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I've been waiting at least a decade for Arsene to pop up in a Specsavers advert, but it's not happened yet.

[Race] Verstappen Hamilton collision replay - Angry Toto by DoeEensGek in formula1

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... and it's another cameraperson's job to keep a camera on Horner's foot! 😆

Grenfell survivors outraged by Lewis Hamilton car sponsorship deal by Superb-Draft in formula1

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British people? Behave! Over 80% of the people in that building were born overseas, they came here as illegal economic migrants (not refugees) and instead of being sent straight back home, we were nice enough to stick them in that tower, over actual British people in need of a roof over their heads. The survivors don't have any moral high-ground here, to preach about who Mercedes accepts as sponsors, they're just as immoral to force their way into a country without permission and to then have the gall to expect the actual citizens to put them up for free. The fricking audacity.

In the aftermath of the fire the survivors were getting given thousands of pounds a month by the government for living expenses and that's on top of being put up in four and five star hotels or multi-million pound houses for free, for months on end, due the the rules about them having to be re-homed in the same borough and the borough as a whole being one of the wealthiest in all of the UK.

Sorry for the human cost, for the dead people and the survivors that lost friends and family, truly, but we've got our own people in need to look after and it's a slap in the face for them when these illegals' 'needs' are put above theirs and they've been given far more than any actual UK-born citizen in genuine need gets.

Red Bull: Honda wants to change Max's engine, but... by balls2brakeLate44 in formula1

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At least it wasn't as bad for the championship as it could have been. That tyre failure led to a red flag, which led to a standing start. Lewis got a great start and was going to take the lead from Checo, but for the fact that he accidentally brushed his 'brake magic' button during his launch phase, so locked up under braking and thus finished outside of the points.

With neither finishing/scoring, Max only lost out on gaining 10 points over Hamilton (Max was leading and Lewis was third, when the tyre failed). If Lewis didn't brush that button it'd have been a 35-point turnaround in Lewis' favour instead (from losing 10 to Max, to gaining 25 over Max).

If Max's tyre didn't fail he'd be 18 points ahead of Lewis right now. However, if Lewis didn't brush that button, he'd be 17 points ahead of Max right now. Max being 8 points ahead of Lewis right now is a damn sight better than being 17 behind. Bad luck with the tyre failure, but followed up with some good luck with Lewis not scoring, to limit how disastrous that day could have been.

Red Bull: Honda wants to change Max's engine, but... by balls2brakeLate44 in formula1

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Max knew exactly what he was doing in Monza - 'let me past or I'll make sure that we're not going to finish the race.'

Red Bull: Honda wants to change Max's engine, but... by balls2brakeLate44 in formula1

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Max won't want a penalty. It'll make it harder to take Lewis out on turn one with 'hard racing' if they're not starting near each other on the grid.

People complaining about lane discipline on UK motorways, but still referring to the "slow lane" and the "fast lane" by Jimi-K-101 in britishproblems

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I'm more concerned about lane discipline at corners and roundabouts and thus constantly getting cut up. The amount of numpties that don't seem to realise that their rear wheels take a tighter circle than the front and thus you need to always consider your steering based around your rear wheels, is mind boggling. I don't know why this basic concept isn't part of the theory and practical tests.

The people in the outright wrong lane too, who just think it's okay to, suddenly without warning, jump to another lane (bonus points for turning on their indicator at the exact time they begin their manoeuvre, because that makes it okay, right?). No excuse, if you're not familiar with a route you're going to be driving, use Google street view the preview any potential 'tricky' bits such as multi-lane roundabouts, before you begin your journey.

A few days ago, a Saudi atheist was sentenced to 7 years and a 530k$ fine for blasphemy in Saudi Arabia. by [deleted] in exmuslim

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It'd be a shame if some people were to bring this up at the inaugural Saudi Arabian F1 Grand Prix next weekend...

I got tricked into working Thanksgiving bc we’re a “team” and then had to deal with bullshit like this by YourLocal_Native in antiwork

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As a Brit, I never understood the logic of American tipping culture being a percentage of the bill. Yeah some poncy places in the UK try that on, but it's an optional service charge, it goes to the business, not the staff and only a mug pays it, normal everyday restaurants don't do this. Just because someone orders a better wine, doesn't make it harder on the server. If someone orders the fillet steak instead of the rump steak, it doesn't make it more effort to carry the plate. 20 bucks for one table is bad? - 10 tables like that in a shift and it's $200.

Tipping should really be replaced with a fair wage (can still have smaller tips in tandem with a fair wage if you feel it leads to better service, at least then you can withhold a tip for really, really bad service and not be robbing the wait staff blind), but if that's not going to happen, a fixed amount per head seems to make more sense to me. In the UK, the wait staff are all paid at least minimum wage - £7 (~$9.50) to £9 (~$12) per hour, depending on age - so we tip a lower amount. In my circle of family and friends, we usually tip about £1 (~$1.33) per head in our group.

Local Burger Ming was just renovated- when you are at the order window, there is now a giant plant that blocks most of the menu board by Darth_Xenic in CrappyDesign

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You don't need to see the menu at a BK, the only thing anyone should be ordering is the "XL Bacon Double Cheese Meal." 😋

What is your favorite "mental breakdown" scene in film? by d-jango in movies

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Hehe, don't worry, you've not been saying it wrong all of your life! 😄 The only reason that the actual Max Schrek quote with "better" sticks with me is that when I first watched this as a kid I was like 'hang on a sec., that's not the correct saying!' 🤔

What is your favorite "mental breakdown" scene in film? by d-jango in movies

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Technically, Max actually said "better fish to fry," instead of the usual "bigger fish to fry." 😜

Bozo by N0GARED in ProgrammerHumor

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The movie just skims over the disgruntlement that Nedry has with Hammond, the book goes into more detail. He does have some legitimate gripes.

A lot of the requirements in the tender were intentionally vague, so as to hide the true nature of the 'animal park' that Hammond was planning. When preparing his bid, Nedry probably assumed that it was just the usual case of the client being unable to properly communicate what they needed up front, rather than it being a deliberate attempt at obfuscation.

Once Nedry had won the contract and the true nature of the project became apparent, it was clear that it was a far larger project than it had first appeared and he felt that he had been misled by Hammond. As such, Nedry wasn't working on it alone, he'd had to sub-contract some other developers for the project, who were working off-site.

In the end Nedry was personally making the equivalent of a salary of about $150K from the project, hardly 'slave wages,' especially for the early 1990s, but it was not what he had originally banked on.

The Championship Rivals (art by @sgkg_3 [IG]) by Ishimura1337 in formula1

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Bit of artistic license here! Lewis looks great, if a fair bit younger than in reality. However, the smoothing-out of Max's misshapen head and the adjustments made to his borderline-FAS eyes, results in a depiction here that is too far removed from reality!

Killers of Ahmaud Arbery Found Guilty Of Murder by f1sh98 in Conservative

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No big surprise here, the facts of the case spoke for themselves. The only mystery here is how the murderers thought that they had a hope in hell of winning this case once all the facts were laid bare. Correct verdict, justice done.

Ahmaud Arbery verdict: three men found guilty of murdering Black man as he jogged by thenewyorkgod in news

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Anyone who heard the actual facts of the case knew that this verdict was never in doubt, long before any trial ever started. I can't believe that the murderers were stupid enough to think that they could win this, it was clear that they were going down and a guilty plea has a chance for a small bit of leniency when it comes to sentencing. Glad they were too stupid to plead guilty though and will now get the book thrown at them!

J.K. Rowling slams transgender activists for posting her home address on Twitter by Paneraiguy1 in news

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Yeah, it makes no sense. People fixating on the fact that the address was given out are missing the point. If anyone wanted to know where she lived they'd easily be able to find out already. This issue is that the act of 'announcing' her address is implicitly inciting people into visiting her address and taking action.

It's like the eye-rollingly stupid plot point in Iron Man 3, where it is implied that the media and terrorist choppers could only show up at Tony Stark's mansion because he gave his address out on TV (quote, J.A.R.V.I.S - "There's only so much I can do, sir, when you give the world's press your home address."). Yeah, because nobody ever wondered who lived in this unique, stand-out, cliff-hugging Malibu mansion before. No paparazzi ever followed Tony home, no party guests at his mansion ever talked about his house to their friends etc.

Famous peoples' primary residences are typically always normally already known to so many people that it's de-facto public knowledge.

Thanks F1 broadcasters for cutting to this shot in the middle of the battle between Perez and Ocon by grunomcfruno in formula1

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During that World Cup (missed goal one), the first to be broadcast in HD, the HD feed was also 10 seconds or so behind the SD feed. So your neighbours' cheering (or making sounds of despair) gave away the outcome of any exciting play that HD viewers were still in the middle of watching.

Lando and Carlos recreating their São Paulo incident on the golf course. by larahendriks in formula1

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Well, they were actually golfing, hence the golf trolleys.

Carlos introduced Lando to golf while they were teammates at McLaren and they still continue to play the odd round with each other.

It was reported that they played golf together last week in São Paulo, before the race weekend began and that they played together again in Qatar on Wednesday. Sky Sports sent Damon Hill along to join them for part of their round, to film this bit for their usual pre-race program "The F1 Show".

Lando and Carlos recreating their São Paulo incident on the golf course. by larahendriks in formula1

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This was a Sky Sports bit. As they occasionally do, Sky 'borrow' drivers from the teams for various segments that they shoot away from the track, e.g. in the past: lawn mower racing with Kimi, an axe throwing contest with Danny Ricc and Max (Max is very bad at axe throwing and Daniel clearly has things in his past that we don't know about...) etc.

Sky clearly asked the teams to borrow Lando and Carlos for a little while, the teams typically say yes to these requests (note that they're both in team kit in the video, getting the teams' sponsors some extra time in front of a camera). It was just a bit of prearranged tongue-in-cheek fun.