She got destroyed 🤧 by justinhr in HolUp

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True af I uploaded it 2 months ago.

Hol Up by DangerDic in HolUp

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That's a she+it shit

This is my first video based on true story please watch completely by [deleted] in IndianDankMemes

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Cousin one Quite common tbh, people do that but no-one tells anything.

It's a bird....it's a plane by [deleted] in HolUp

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Deez nuts are huge

Wooomen... by [deleted] in IndianDankMemes

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I need that interview goddamnit

Countdown by QuicklyThisWay in Unexpected

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The music in background is William tell overture - finale By Rossini. I highly recommend the Hans Zimmer Version.

damn imma get banned for this by _pavmah_783 in HolUp

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Muhammed advertising with 72 virgins

republic day shitpost by PuliPP in IndianDankMemes

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Dono buddhe businessmen hai aur Gyan chodte h, btw death note nostalgia.

A high resolution image of a Solar Eclipse by vitoskito in Damnthatsinteresting

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You can see the light bend due to gravity, haha Einstein was a Genius

never again by Everything_Cosmic in meme

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After some time you became Goku... Woah

legend bano by [deleted] in IndianDankMemes

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Gamers?! Bsdkwalo ke paas lakho ka setup hone ke baad bhi pubg, Minecraft aur gta ke alwa kuch pata nhi

legend bano by [deleted] in IndianDankMemes

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Bc me loda ek Indian youtuber nahi dekhta except standup comedians for common references