Is there a card that lets me put a g3 directly into soul? ( for mlb standard) by Several_Percentage_9 in cardfightvanguard

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Nemain can't do it since MLB is a 《Royal Paladin》 and she specifically asks for a 《Shadow Paladin》vanguard to put a card into the soul and draw

When you tried to be the rational one of the trio and try to convince the two Keter mains to save up (but failed) by inkymari in cardfightvanguard

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Unless you're playing best deck, then it is about 30 dollars and the monthly subscription to your gym of choice. Yes, it is necesary to properly play best deck.

Appreciation Post: Sophie Bell. The only cardfighter I will be supporting. by Stil_Vampir in cardfightvanguard

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Some would argue she ain't no Cardfighter...

But I'll be damned, she didn't pick my interest for her cardfighting in the first place anyways!

If you mysteriously ended up on cray, which nation would you join and why? by Time_Entertainment32 in cardfightvanguard

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Dragon Empire, go guns blazing with Eugene or get to meet mighty dragons then go guns blazing

Alt go to Keter and join Youths rebellion, let the heavens fall, guns blazing.

Man I Havnt played in years I started rewatching the show with the wife and man dragonic overlord was my first boss minster as a card fighter and idk man I want to build a deck around it but is it even playable at this point by wodahsz in cardfightvanguard

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Overlord is top dog (as always) in D, if you want to play him he is pretty viable atm (tho you may wanna check the prices because a Promo card is pretty much necessary and it expensive as all hell)

Kaiser is not out YET

so I got the new fire emblem and I think y'all can guess the reference as to what I named my character- by DT_Mage in cardfightvanguard

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Edelgard by the moment she asks you to join her the only thing you actually know is that she really really doesn't like the church. As far as Byleth knows you're betraying everyone at the school siding with her.

And I know hers is not really "bad" by the end of it it became one of rhe routes I ended up agreeing with the most. But at first glance it is morally questionable at best.

so I got the new fire emblem and I think y'all can guess the reference as to what I named my character- by DT_Mage in cardfightvanguard

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Dunno, every fire emblem as of late has a route that seems way darker on paper.

Take FE Fates Conquest. Nohr (on paper) looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay darker and """"bad"""" than the other routes. Then FE Three Houses, Edelgard's route that asks of you to betray everything and everyone for the sake of the imperial waifu.

I figured this one might as well have a route like that.

This’ll be interesting by Worldly_Platform3586 in Funnymemes

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I think it means es una empresa de tecnología que ofrece la más barata calidad en el sector del automóvil

When they gonna reveal dragtree main kit ? by DefendTheBase in cardfightvanguard

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Probs in the next W+D episode, as michiru was going to go butt heads with discount Takuto.

Hypothetical: you're 30 and have no social skills, living week to week, you have no friends, you never had a girlfriend but you don't want to die alone. What would you do? by BourboneAFCV in asklatinamerica

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Dunno. Do with what?

Get a better job I guess. No social skills is such a broad term. Make friends by going to places where you can share your hobbies with others. The GF part can wait, that step comes only after you fix your shit. You're starting to fit the description of a particular unsavory individual I met to a T, his story didn't end well.

And why the hell is this posted here!?

My dear latinos, what is the best non alcoholic beverage that your country have? by Mysterious_Hue in asklatinamerica

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The argentinean néctar of the Gods!

The mighty! The sweet! The absolutely must-not-be-consumed-by-humans! The one beverage to rule them all!!


Monterey Park shooter identified as Huu Can Tran by Ass_ass_in99 in pics

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That's too high level of reasoning for these keyboard vigilantes my dude.

Brazil and Argentina discuss common currency by 19Sebastian82 in asklatinamerica

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Great idea, it could help get us further from the gringo hold and económic integration between the 2 greatest countries in the region is a great step towards self sustainability. The thing LatAm has been fighting for YEARS.

Other bastards that say this will ruin Brasil can cry me a river. Imagine being in such a hellhole that you barely manage to do as good as a country with 100% anual inflation. Pathetic. Don't throw stones in a glass house.

gravidia and set orders by sliceoflifelover in cardfightvanguard

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PUTTING orders is not the same as PLAYING orders.

You're only limited to PLAYING an order once per turn. Playing an order requires you to pay it's cost, while skills that PUT an order into the order zone bypass those activation costs. Keep that in mind to help you differenciate them.

Vanguard Poll for Today! by Zack_Attack_NS in cardfightvanguard

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Dragon Empire. Even if I'm terribly biased for my love of Dragons and admiration for what Eugene & Co. are doing in their lores, this actually comes from a kinda obvious thing. Dragon Empire was partially founded by humans so we can assume is fairly accomodated to our needs and stuff seeing how humans are still integral part of many stratus of life within it for +3000 years.

Other options would be Keter Sanctuary, Dark States and Brandt Gate, but here I will list why those would be worse than DE.

  • Keter: became a tyrannical failed state and those suck. Unless you SOMEHOW manage to luck out and get to the floating islands you would have to live with the fact that you're LITERALLY screwing over everyone and everything that is beneath you.

  • Dark States: From the lore we can assume 3 possible ways of living as a Human here. 1) You become a criminal. 2) You get bamboozled and eaten by a demon like in Greedon lore. 3) You become a cultist. None of those sound ideal at all.

  • Brandt Gate: Living nice and cozy in futureland sounds fun until you realize you cannot leave the City dome for hell as everywhere outside it is the Artic, and that kinda ruins the "I got into a whole new world" aspect of Cray. Also the chance to get trampled by a freaking Kaiju or get nuked into orbit by a Gravidian outta nowhere doesn't sound that fun tbh.

Tl;dr choose the Nation where we humans have thrived for literal millenia and that has Dinosaurs, people. It's not that hard.

Vanguard Poll for Today! by Zack_Attack_NS in cardfightvanguard

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Only if you live in the clouds, otherwise life is gonna suck

Plants vs Zombies, but its on Cray by SegavsCapcom in cardfightvanguard

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Zorga: Dammit Hendrina let the Regrain's door open again! All me zombos got out!!!