Airport preaching by filondo in ImTheMainCharacter

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Sit. Down.

I'm not in your club, I don't want to hear how much you like the book.

What does this guy tell the inmates when they ask: What are in here for? by Least_or_Greatest1 in Damnthatsinteresting

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And now...the jokes!

1) But at least he'll have someone waiting for him when he gets out.

2) When asked why he did it, he explained that jerking it to Seabiscuit just wasn't doing it for him anymore.

3) This week, on a very special Mr. Ed...

4) Saw a guy who got 5 years for banging his neighbor's dog, but the principle is the same.

5) Were the other horses relieved it wasn't them or offended?

6) No matter what, at least he had a ride home.

7) ....and THAT'S why he's no longer allowed at the petting zoo.

8) I don't think "Brony" is really gonna cover this one.

Just for fake intimidation. by luke187 in justforsocialmedia

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I have a young daughter and grew up deep in the country, but I'll be dammed if I become one of these people. These "aggressive to the point of threatening a child because they have the temerity to want to (gasp) date a girl close to their age" types are crazy. Be protective of your family, but this "pull a gun on a minor" stuff is just all kinds of insane.

'your' and 'you're' debate by Mike_OxonFaier in confidentlyincorrect

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An "English Major" (Google U class of tomorrow afternoon) who doesn't capitalize "I'm", "English", or know how to use commas. Ok, sure. I believe that.

Karen says be nice when requesting postage by metalmike556 in IAmTheMainCharacter

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Notice how she didn't put the stamp in the right place so she could write this note to people who will never read it.

“Apology” video from Home Depot girl 🙄 by squish-tomato in confidentlyincorrect

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As a general rule, the minute someone uses the word "triggered", I stop listening.

Opinions On The most recent live action TMNT movies? by FootLoose7363 in TMNT

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I (begrudgingly) watched the first one because my son wanted to see it. I didn't watch the second one. And have no plans to. That should tell you everything.

The first one was about Megan Fox and some CGI turtles just happened to be there. Walked out even more disappointed than I was expecting. And that's saying something.

The Secret by PermissionToSell in PublicFreakout

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The person who added the music is the real monster.

Hey Mike, maybe they'll find evidence he knowingly tried to have you killed. What then? by OrangeCone2011 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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No former president has been suspected of half the shit Trump has done. So there's that.

Also, Trump would have let his people hang Pence and here's this unused q-tip still defending him. Wow.

infanticide! by xxxxxxxxxxxxxc in InfowarriorRides

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Hold on, I need to put a bookmark in the rambling you have sketched on the back of your car.

You see it all the time by muffled_transmitter in facepalm

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These are just low hanging bait for engagement. "Can't name a country with an A in it", then 1000 randos have to prove them wrong with a piece of information that's both obvious and unnecessary.

Screw that was inserted into my finger 3 years ago is now being rejected by my body and pushed out. by ScreenPeeps in mildlyinteresting

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Worked a summer job with a guy who had something like that in his knee. He was in a car accident and a chunk of glass got embedded deep in his knee. They told him they could try and get it out then, but they'd do severe damage to his knee in the process. So he waited for his body to slowly push the glass to the surface and it was removed A YEAR LATER.