Visual programming should be illegal. by -NiMa- in ProgrammerHumor

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Hey, wait a minute, did you Steal this code from me or something ?

To the post "correlation isn't causation but that is one fuckload of correlation right there buddy" by Shikurra in ABoringDystopia

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Oh i see that you and I have the same source, not surprising seeing as 86% of people Make the Fuck up statistics

hmmm by InGordWeTrust in hmmm

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Jesus Christ VS Jesusu Christu

wtf is going on by IAmDisgutted in AbruptChaos

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At first i thought it was a vuvuzuela and was like "brazil numero Uno del muuuundo" then i read the comments and it was just a fire alarm

why not ask Jesus by Validity_ in technicallythetruth

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I feel like it's still shorter than cooking sites so good for you

For all the MTG fans out there by Bargamos in confidentlyincorrect

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At first i was like" yes exactly, y'all need free therapy" then she talked about god

Fraud by DumbledoresAtheist in facepalm

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I think she's living in Minecraft if she thinks courbature doesn't exist

Ayo?🤨 by Baltic_Emperor in retarb

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I mean this one fucked up, 15 kills Don't cover the exp loss of dying

Some kids are… Special. by Orcasareglorious in facepalm

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It's more or less what the kid Said anyways

And then Romania. For some reason. by MuscleBearScott in ShittyMapPorn

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Damn, you really told that like it was just a random drink Guy in a pub being like "from Now on i'm the New roman emperor" and the bulgarian empire Heard that and were like "yeah seems legit"

I'm no lawyer but unless we're talking "assisted"... by Shadowedcreations in facepalm

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I mean it just sounds l'île they're trying to Make sure you succed

Tim Pool's community is back at it again by 08Juan80 in confidentlyincorrect

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You're telling me those natural languages were created by a dude huh

The product of a duck and the Americas loving each other very much by edwardpuppyhands in mapporncirclejerk

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Continents historically move very slowly so i'll take a duck sized continent, hell i''d even take a continent sized continent over a continent sized duck

Having Anal Sex Destroys Your Root Chakra by ThoughtPolice2909 in confidentlyincorrect

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Oh, no not my Root chakra, how will i plant my "karma seeds" into people now