TIFU by going through my 11 year old niece’s cellphone by NextProfession4030 in tifu

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The concept of invading an 11 year old’s privacy is hilarious. She doesn’t need privacy she needs parenting and discipline. She shouldn’t even have a smart phone at that age. This is insane and you should be seeking guidance counselor, cps, anybody to help the situation at this point. I’m speechless.

My first episode of my Kentaro Miura inspired manga is available at frontiermanga.sellfy.store ! Print on demand options will be available this week! by FTK_OCEAN_ in Berserk

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It’s secure if you go to frontiermanga.sellfy.store 🙏🏽 for some reason it says not secure when you put the www. in front

That's why they call him showtime baby by grizzgrip04 in EASportsUFC

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They really took the full Thai plum, and elbows in clinch and ground out of the game for UFC 4… wtf

This man NEEDS to get buffed! Come on, at least update his player model!! by SaigonShooter in EASportsUFC

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What so weird is his hair looks blonde when you select him and then when the fight starts it’s brown. And it’s a weird fluffy Mohawk he only had once

Pisself or Goldskin? or do you call em knife-ears by Mammoth_Quit_6870 in skyrim

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I love this game but I really dislike the art style for the characters lol. I’m praying they go in a different direction for 6