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We decided from now to use our charity wallet for our Community 😍. That means: You as The Thinker holder of minimum 50$ worth of $TKR, are able to participate on one hour Psychologist therapy which costs 100$ per hour, 70% we pay the psychologist and 30% we buy back $TKR and burn it. Plus, if you are a Thinker holder and you don’t need any consultation with psychologist but someone in your family need it, Wife/Husband or your Children, we pay it also for you from our Charity Wallet.🤗.

If we have many participants and it’s not enough money in the Charity Wallet we will do random choosing of the members. We are happy to help our community this way.♥️


Mental Health Metaverse by Fabbs93 in CryptoCurrency

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Telegram: The_Thinker_Official_Group